BEWARE: The Elites Are Ramping Up The Propaganda Campaign To Push “Free Trade” With China

If you look throughout the establishment media, you’ll notice a growing number of articles saying why Canada “needs” a “free trade” deal with China.

The elites are ramping up their propaganda effort to convince Canadians that a “free trade” deal with China is something our nation “needs.”

Numerous articles have been released just as Trudeau begins his trip to China, discussing all the “investment,” “support,” and “deals” Canada could benefit from if trade expands.

The propaganda follows a simple pattern:

All focus goes on some impending “investment by China” Then, the talk turns to the Canadians that will “benefit” from it. Finally, we get told that a massive “free trade” deal would make all those benefits even better – and we therefore “need” it.

However, numerous things are left out.

First of all, the fact that China takes intellectual property as a condition of “free trade” gets ignored.

Second, their desire to import their own workers into our country is dismissed.

And finally, the steady erosion of sovereignty and Canadian ownership that would result from such a deal is wished away.

So, we get told about a few possible short-term benefits, while the long-term consequences – which will be devastating for Canadian workers and damage our sovereignty – get pushed away as if they don’t even exist.

Additionally, the fact that despite numerous “free trade” deals over the years Canadian workers wages have been stagnant in real terms for almost 40 years is also ignored.

What’s good for the elites isn’t good for most Canadians

We have seen the increasing concentration of wealth and power in a small elite, while more and more of us struggle to make ends meet – exemplified by Canadian household debt that has reached immense levels. And despite all of this, we keep getting told that any sign of “protectionism” or policy that puts Canadians first is “outdated” – regardless of the fact that China and other growing economies impose tough restrictions on foreign ownership in their own countries while demanding that we let them buy whatever they want in Canada.

We are being played for fools.

Of course, the elites will benefit massively from a “free trade” deal with China, as the leverage of each Canadian worker will be lowered, and our nation will be flooded with cheap products that displace our own companies and our own production – while multinational companies and the Chinese government expand their power.

The terrible irony of all this is that Canada actually has things China needs (such as energy and food), and we could easily sign one-off deals on those items rather than giving our country away in a huge agreement.

Keep this in mind as you watch the growing effort to push a “free trade” deal with China. It’s a total propaganda effort, and we will need to get the truth directly to the Canadian people if we are to build the necessary opposition to stop the dangerous deal from happening.

Spencer Fernando

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chris malmstrom

Thought we already had a “free trade” deal … how else do I go into a store and find NOTHING marked “made in Canada”, but EVERYTHING marked “made in China”? You mean it’s gonna get WORSE? HOW?


I suspect China’s end game is, and has been for a long time, to destabilise the US. Thru a full trade pact with Canada, and later Mexico, they could use their huge trade advantages with us to pressure us to squeeze, or even punish the US. They must be loving the Trump fiasco, which can only get worse as he continues to incriminate himself thru Twitter. We are still the US biggest trading partner, and they are ours. The Trudeau government likely foresees a future scenario like this, and is hoping that our collective trade agreements with China, Europe, South… Read more »

Clive Edwards

All trade should be bilateral and limited. Foreign investment is often another term for conquest, whether the investor is Chinese, American or European. Canadian sovereignty must rule in Canada.


Fantastic article, you touched so many important points, Fernando!

Don Taylor

Turdeau and the liberal govt is the “Snake”we were warned about and the bite is getting worse