China’s Basic Dictatorship Imprisoning Canadian Citizens

When will our weak and pathetic leaders realize that you can’t strengthen our country by bowing down to Communist regimes?

We all know that Justin Trudeau loves China’s so-called “Basic Dictatorship.”

Perhaps Trudeau likes how China’s leaders don’t have to put up with pesky questions from those who oppose the government.

Maybe his recent threats to sue opposition members for asking questions reflects his desire to silence his opponents, and he wishes he could crush the opposition like they do in China.

Whatever the reason, while Trudeau may enjoy dealing with China’s Communist dictatorship, that dictatorship isn’t working out too well for the Canadian citizens imprisoned there.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “The four Canadians are Huseyin Celil, a Uyghur dissident, imprisoned since 2006; Falun Gong practitioner Qian Sun, in jail since February; and British Columbia wine merchants John Chang and Allison Lu. The Richmond couple have been detained since May, 2016, over a custom dispute involving shipments of ice wine that Beijing says were undervalued for duty purposes.”

Reportedly, Chrystia Freeland “doesn’t know why Beijing” won’t free them.


Perhaps it’s because they are a dictatorship where basic human rights don’t exist.

The fact that Freeland is shocked by this – or pretending to be shocked – just goes to show that it’s total amateur hour in Ottawa.

With this kind of naivety and weakness in our government, you can only imagine how badly we will get rolled by China when they seek to impose one-sided trade deals that require us to give up our intellectual property, jobs, and resources.

Trudeau’s weakness is even worse, since he appears to have a level of admiration for China’s government that is beyond disturbing.

Note, there’s a big difference between admiring China as a civilization of people who have achieved impressive things, and admiring their current Communist government – which acts in a way fundamentally contrary to the values and principles of Western nations.

Trudeau’s comments and servile actions have been focused on admiration for China’s government, and that’s what makes this situation so disturbing.

You can’t appease a Communist dictatorship. They see other nations as supplicants, not truly equal allies. The more we open our country to China’s government, the more they will seek to buy up and dominate our nation, while still having no problem jailing our citizens on a whim.

This isn’t what most Canadians want, and our leaders need to wake up fast.

Spencer Fernando

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