REPORT: Ethics Commissioner Will “Look Further Into” Morneau’s $10 MILLION Share Sale

Questions have been raised by the opposition about the timing of Moneybags Morneau’s 2015 sale of $10 million worth of Morneau Shepell stock.

The Ethics Commissioner says she will “look further into” the 2015 sale of 680,000 Morneau Shepell shares by the Finance Minister, as the opposition has raised questions about the timing.

As reported by Global News, “Mary Dawson, the Conflict-of-Interest and Ethics Commissioner, is not ready to open a formal investigation into Morneau’s Nov. 30 sale of 680,000 Morneau Shepell Inc. shares but she tells NDP MP Nathan Cullen in a letter obtained by Global News that “in light of the allegations, my office will look further into the matter and will followup with Minister Morneau in due course.”

Pathetically, Morneau’s office tried dismissing these legitimate questions as “partisan games,” showing they still don’t get why Canadians are so angry.

This is just the latest in a long line of potential ethics troubles for Moneybags, as he was already fined by the ethics commissioner over asset disclosure issues, and is being investigated for his role in the pension legislation Bill C-27, which could potentially benefit Morneau Shepell.

Both the Conservatives and NDP have been demanding answers for Canadians, while Morneau and Trudeau – acting like the elitists they are – threaten to sue those who ask questions.

Spencer Fernando

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“in due course” I often wonder about Mary Dawson. It has been almost two years since Trudeau and his friends took those illegal helicopter flights and we haven’t heard a damn thing. I fully expect the “due course” of this current investigation of what clearly looks like insider trading will still be ongoing long after the next election. It might be a good idea for Ms. Dawson to drastically increase her budget seeing as Trudeau is visiting his Chinese dictator buddies to sell off Canada and import Chinese workers. Some of those “workers” have starting showing up on Vancouver Island… Read more »


Canadians are STILL waiting on the Verdict in the Trudeau Investigation almost 2 years ago??
How long does this Ethics Commissioner take to come up with a Verdict? Unbelievable!