CRAZY: Merkel PAYING Rejected Asylum Seekers €1000 In Benefits To Leave The Country

Taxpayers must be thrilled…

Regardless of the country in which it holds power, globalism has one core recurring trait: Citizens get screwed over.

That’s certainly the case in Germany, where Angela Merkel’s open borders policy has caused serious problems in that country.

Now, the attempt to recover from Merkel’s terrible decision is hitting German taxpayers hard:

As reported by Politico, “The German government is offering rejected asylum seekers benefits in kind worth up to €1000 if they voluntarily return home. The Federal Ministry of the Interior announced the new program called “Your Country, Your Future, Now!” which will run until February 28, on Saturday. Under it families who agree to leave will be entitled to up to €3000.”

While this program is new, a similar program was already in place for asylum seekers who request to return to their country of origin before their asylum claim trial is complete. That program paid €1200 to those who leave.

This is crazy, yet it perfectly exemplifies what globalism is all about.

German taxpayers money is being used to pay for people to leave their country – even though the very definition of “rejected asylum claimant” means they shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place.

This absurdity is a key reason why Angela Merkel’s support has fallen dramatically, and why her party took such a big hit in the last election.

People are seeing that globalist leaders serve only the elites and non-citizens, which is the exact opposite of what a national leader should do.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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the world has become entrenched in false based empathy …forgetting the lawful , the reasons why laws exist and throwing the once sacred systems into comfortable disarray….. and that includes CANADA… despicable leadership !!!

Maryam McKinley

I don’t know if this is really such a bad idea. This would ensure that these people really do leave the country as opposed to going underground and creating a security concern. I believe Italy has a similar program but I believe it is for asylum seekers as opposed to rejected asylum claimants. The Italian program has been successful and widely panned by the EU. Looks like the EU may be reconsidering.

Wendy Lush

Not so crazy: at €1000 a pop, removing this incredible burden from German society is actually a bargain. It probably pays off within 2 months. What was crazy was Merkel unilaterally inviting over one million foreigners into her country and into Europe.

Now, why make it a voluntary return home? Force them home on the next plane and save €1000.

Wendy Lush

You know what, we need such a program here in Canada. Since Trudeau is so enamored with spending our tax dollars like there’s no tomorrow (among other things to bring faux ‘refugees’ here), he won’t mind spending a bit more to send them home, where they are needed.