Oil Sands Action Shows Hypocrisy Of Activists Who Oppose Canadian Oil

Where are the protests against the massively higher volume of oil tanker traffic in the United States and Mexico?

Oil Sands Action helps spread the truth about Canada’s oil industry, pushing back against the anti-Canadian-oil consensus that dominates among the elites and much of the establishment press.

One of their latest tweets contained a photo that is certainly worth spreading, as it reveals the immense hypocrisy surrounding the “activists” who oppose Canadian oil.

North America Oil Tanker Map

The map was shared in a Tweet by Oil Sands Action:


Hypocrisy from those who oppose Canadian oil

Despite the fact that Canada has strong safety standards, and despite the immense wealth and prosperity oil brings to our country, anti-Canadian oil activists seek to decimate the industry.

Their actions are made even more hypocritical when we look at the map above, which shows how little tanker traffic there is in Canada compared to the U.S. and Mexico.

Yet, their efforts are directed at damaging our Canadian oil industry, while ignoring everything else.

Unfortunately, this hypocritical far-left attitude now extends to the top of our government and the elitist establishment. This puts the Canadian oil industry in severe peril, and is why Canadian Patriots who support our oil industry need to help spread the truth.

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Oil Sands Action)

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