BETRAYAL: B.C. Court Sides With Government Against Injured Canadian Veterans

When terrorists want a taxpayer-funded payday the government is glad to oblige, yet Canadian Veterans are forced to fight in court for the benefits they have earned.

Once again, Canadian Veterans have been betrayed by the government and the corrupt system.

The B.C. Court of Appeal has ruled against a group of injured Canadian Veterans in the Equitas case.

While the ruling is a total travesty, the real betrayal was committed by successive governments – including the Trudeau government – who have fought Veterans in court.

This all surrounds a 2006 change to how Veterans were compensated for injuries. The changes were implemented in the New Veterans Charter – which was created by the Paul Martin government and came into force under the Harper Government.

Those changes eliminated the lifelong disability pension and imposed a lump-sum payment. Veterans had pointed out that the new system was worse, and launched the Equitas case.

During the 2015 campaign, Trudeau used the issue to win the support of many Veterans. Here’s what he said while seeking votes:

“If I earn the right to serve this country as your Prime Minister, no veteran will be forced to fight their own government for the support and compensation that they have earned, said Trudeau at the time. We will reinstate lifelong pensions and increase their value in line with the obligation we have made to those injured in the line of duty.”

This promise has not been kept.

In 2014, a justice with the B.C. Supreme Court said the case had merit and could go to trial.

Then, the federal government disgracefully appealed the decision – a move that showed terrible contempt for injured Veterans.

Unfortunately, the B.C. Court of Appeal has now totally struck down the claim – which is a huge blow not only to the six Veterans bringing forth the Equitas case, but to all injured Canadian Veterans who want the pension promise kept.

According to reports, the issue may now go to the Supreme Court.

As noted by the CP, “While Monday’s ruling represents a win for the federal government, it could actually represent a double-edged sword for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. That’s because Trudeau campaigned with Equitas members during the last federal election campaign in 2015, and the Liberals were the only party that promised to reinstate the lifelong pensions. Yet the Liberal government continued to fight the court case after coming to power, and has yet to reinstate the disability pensions for injured veterans.”

This outrage should be a front page news story.

After all, this is the same government that bent over backwards to give Omar Khadr ten million taxpayer dollars, yet fights to deny our Veterans what they were promised.

Frankly, it’s a sickening disgrace, and any politician who refuses to denounce this travesty must be defeated in 2019.

Instead of coddling terrorists, our country must finally start supporting those who were injured defending our freedom.

Read more about the Equitas case and how Trudeau broke faith with Canada’s Veterans.

Spencer Fernando

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