FOOL: Naive Trudeau Tricked By China, Press Conference Cancelled At Last Minute

As many Canadians expected would happen, Justin Trudeau got played by China, raising serious fears about how badly our country will be screwed over in upcoming “free trade” talks.

In an effort to sell a Canada-China “free trade” deal – which would be a total betrayal of Canadian workers and open our country to being sold out even worse – Trudeau has pretended that he’s seeking a so-called “progressive trade deal.”

That “progressive” agenda is really a bunch of empty virtue-signalling talking points, but it’s part of Trudeau’s efforts to distract from the goal of the elites to serve Canada up to China on a silver platter.

Yet, despite pushing such a deceptive agenda, Trudeau was seemingly so naive that he was tricked by China into thinking they were on board with his ideas, only to get totally embarrassed at the last minute.

As noted by John Ivison, “Canada got a tough Chinese-style lesson in power politics Monday. Justin Trudeau arrived in China in the belief that his hosts had accepted the fundamentals of his “progressive trade agenda.” He fully expected to announce the launch of formal free trade talks Monday, with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in the Great Hall of the People overlooking Tiananmen Square. He left empty-handed — which is going to make this a very long week for the Prime Minister, as he’s asked to elaborate on what went wrong.”

At the last minute, China cancelled a press conference, and Trudeau and Li instead read prepared statements.

Of course, while this is humiliating for Trudeau, it’s good news for Canada.

Anything that delays – and ultimately increases the chances of blocking a Canada-China “free trade” agreement is great for our country.

However, Trudeau’s humiliation is concerning for the simple reason that it shows how badly he will get played when he tries to push forward with a further deal.

And there’s no doubt that he will try, as Trudeau already confirmed that he’s still pushing for a deal. After all, the globalists don’t give up just because of humiliation, deception, or public opposition. They’ll keep pushing for the deal as long as they are in power and think they can get away with it.

That means we all need to keep speaking out in defence of our national sovereignty, and stop this dangerous betrayal from going forward.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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