REPORT: Diabetes Groups Say Trudeau Government CRA “Lied To Us” About Disability Tax Credit

Trudeau government caught in terrible tax grab on disabled Canadians.

A new report reveals that diabetes advocacy organizations say the Trudeau government Canada Revenue Agency has been deceiving them.

The issue surrounds the disability tax credit, and the Trudeau government apparently pushing to make it far tougher for Canadians with Type 1 diabetes to access it.

Under the rules, individuals with Type 1 diabetes need to be spending a minimum of 14 hours per week on activities that are “related to administering insulin.”

However, the report notes that “Diabetes Canada and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation obtained an internal CRA memo, dated May 2, 2017, that says: “Unless there are exceptional circumstances, adults with diabetes can generally manage their daily insulin therapy without taking 14 hours per week.” Kimberley Hanson of Diabetes Canada says that effectively means most adults with Type 1 diabetes will be denied the disability tax credit, even if they had been approved in previous years.”

This is where the accusation of the government lying comes in, because complaints started piling up in May from individuals being denied the tax credit.

As noted by Hanson, “I consider that the CRA lied to us in not admitting they sent this email May 2nd and pretending that they were shocked that there had been a change and that it was impacting so many people.”

The report says rejections are up 70% for the tax credit, despite Trudeau government minister Diane Lebouthillier saying there has been no change.

Clearly, that doesn’t seem to match with the experience of people applying for the tax credit.

It’s yet another example of the Trudeau government’s rhetoric not matching their actions.

Even worse, the fact that the government is so desperate for cash that they are deceptively ripping off disabled Canadians shows the lack of common sense and lack of respect for taxpayers. If they weren’t spending so much of our money on foreign causes and paying off people who hate Canada, or if they just got their own bloated bureaucracy under control, the Trudeau government wouldn’t be ripping off those in need.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter/YouTube

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