Trudeau Ripped For “Little Arrogant Smile” During Debate On ISIS “Reintegration”

The elites are protected from the consequences of their policies, so it’s easy for them to laugh and smirk while Canadians are put at risk.

Justin Trudeau is getting ripped for his “same little arrogant smile” while debating how to deal with returning ISIS fighters.

According to Global, the comment was made by Pierre Paul-Hus, the Conservative Public Safety Critic, and came during a discussion about an Opposition motion, the text of which is below:

December 1, 2017 — Mr. Paul-Hus (Charlesbourg—Haute-Saint-Charles) — That the House:

(a) condemn the horrific acts committed by ISIS;

(b) acknowledge that individuals who joined ISIS fighters are complicit in these horrific acts and pose a danger to Canadians;

(c) call on the government to bring to justice and prosecute any ISIS fighter returning to Canada; and

(d) insist that the government make the security and protection of Canadians its priority, rather than the reintegration of ISIS fighters, or the unnecessary financial payout to a convicted terrorist, like Omar Khadr.

It’s a common sense motion, yet Trudeau has either laughed off or demonized common sense proposals before.

In fact, he even attacked the Conservatives as “Islamophobes” for opposing his dangerous policy of trying to “reintegrate” returning ISIS fighters, showing he puts political correctness and virtue signalling ahead of safety.

The key issue is that elites like Justin Trudeau live in a different world than the rest of us. To them, everything is an abstraction, since they don’t actually feel the consequences of their policies.

It’s like how Trudeau refused to provide more support for Canadian border towns even as residents grew worried about the influx of illegal border crossers. Trudeau and his buddies don’t live anywhere near rural border towns, so they could care less about how their open borders policies could put people at risk.

That’s why Trudeau feels free to smirk and smile his way through debates on things like protecting Canadians from ISIS. For him, it all seems to be a game.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Bev Erley
Jim Kimball

We shouldn’t be bringing them in in the first place.


Who could argue with such a motion? I know they put through a crazy one called motion M-103. Is the world upside down suddenly that we cant get Liberals waking up to the reality of what is happening? I guess all Liberals have sold their soul to the devil. That is the only logical explanation.

Lynn E. Gasbarino

I’ve wondered about how the rest of the Liberal government feels about letting Islamic Terrorists loose in our country. Surely they, both in private and political lives, are affected just as much as we could be! I can’t believe that they would be voting on some of the stupid things that we are hearing about! I believe that Soros is passing out $$$ quietly to them!!


I can’t stand what Trudeau is doing to Canada! I really think he has a mental illness.

Dave Windsor

Now tell me something, P.M. J. Trudeau; If you think you can rehabilitate a man whose entire life has been soundly drummed by daily shouts of the mantra, ‘Kill Americans’, the demon, the devil and for each President ‘kill the President of the USA.’ ‘The USA is the cause of Muslim problems throughout the world.’ ‘Kill all Westerners’ ‘We hate Christians’ (not exactly Islamophobiaic so YOU think that is okay do you? By the way, why only use have way measures…. shouldn’t hate be illegal by EVERYBODY? (ie. your stupid Bill M-103 is already half baked). Then surely to hell,… Read more »

June C Dobson

can i help you wipe it off please,, i have sand paper,,


Time for Canadians to start putting pressure on the Conservative party to reform immigration in this country. Many European countries are becoming anti-immigrant after seeing what insane and massive immigration has brought to Europe. Canada under the Liberal government is going in the opposite and wrong direction. We must demand that out of control immigration and Political Correctness be stopped.


Just-in’s complimentary prayer-rugs ………… Just-in’s hug a thug policy for returning ISIS terrorists is the  perfect pretentious platform {for the great pretender }. He is taking his absurd identity politics and special interest pandering  to a lethal  level .   Reintegrating ISIS demons into Canadian  society is the wet-dream of a narcissist simpleton bent on a vanity virtue-signaling foray to the UN lunatic, he remains dangerously clueless of ISIS’s  ideological savagery  ……   Our government needs to set an example to our prodigal & wayward sons& daughters that volunteering to do Al-shaitan’s  work is treason and let  future returning  wannabe holy-jihadists know… Read more »

Richard E. L. Kavanagh

On and on we go, with hundreds of comments, but the question is, How do we, Canadians, get him out of government, before he does more damage to OUR COUNTRY ? There must be someone who can organize a People’s Protest to save our country… Someone who knows what to do.


sure its a game for him thats for sure,, oh yeah !!! whats the all point of bringing thoses isis figther here on the first place ? why ? can anyone can answer me ? or maybe asking him why he is so stubborn to support those isis fighter ??? i can get it ! and it seems i m not the only one who is wandering why ??? he s gona kill our country our freedom our traditions !! god dawm !!