WATCH: MP James Bezan Points Out That “ISIS Brides” Will Raise Children As Jihadists In Canada

It’s a serious threat to our country, made all the worse by the total weakness of the Trudeau government.

As outrage continues over the Trudeau government’s terrible “plan” to deal with returning ISIS fighters, Conservative MP James Bezan has brought up a serious concern that hasn’t received much attention.

Bezan pointed out that returning “ISIS brides” will come back to Canada while still supporting the ISIS ideology.

Then, they will raise their children to commit Jihad, creating a serious long-term threat to the security of Canadians.

Yet, rather than block the ISIS brides from returning, the Trudeau government is trying to “deal with them” and deal with returning ISIS fighters with so-called “re-integration” services, which includes poetry and blogging – all at taxpayer expense.

Watch Bezan’s remarks in the video below:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Government must protect our borders and stand up for our citizens

The Trudeau government is a globalist government, and is not committed to the Canadian people. They don’t see our borders as having any real meaning or value. As a result, they take a disturbingly weak approach to dealing with returning ISIS fighters.

For that to change, we will need leaders who are willing to stand up for the safety and security of Canadian citizens, and keep returning ISIS fighters and ISIS brides outside of our borders.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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