FAIL: China Snubs ‘Weather Minister’ McKenna’s Anti-Coal Alliance

Another failure for the Trudeau government in China.

The Trudeau trip to China is turning into an expensive waste of time.

After Trudeau was embarrassed yesterday, China has snubbed Catherine McKenna’s anti-coal alliance with the U.K.

As noted by the CP, “McKenna is in Beijing this week as part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s China trade mission. She tells The Canadian Press she trusts China is committed to climate change, but its reliance on coal is too heavy for it to join the alliance Canada launched with the United Kingdom last month.”

McKenna makes excuses for China, while destroying Canada’s coal industry

While McKenna has shown no regard for Canadian workers in the coal industry who are losing their jobs as the industry is “phased out,” she actually made excuses for China.

The report points out “McKenna says China still needs to find a way to provide electricity to its 1.3 billion citizens and it can’t yet commit to eliminating coal as a source of that power.”

This reveals the total fraud and absurdity of the Trudeau government environmental agenda. Our own coal industry and coal workers get taken down by our own government, while that same government makes excuse for the worlds largest polluter.

Furthermore, the anti-coal alliance has been ignored by most big coal producers and coal users, including the U.S., India, and Germany.

So, McKenna’s effort will do nothing except hurt Canadian workers.

It’s immense hypocrisy, and it’s another embarrassing failure for the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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