REPORT: Liberal MP Sherry Romanado Called Overweight Person A “Damn Chunky Monkey” In Facebook Post

Playing the “outrage” game tends to backfire.

Yesterday, Liberal MP Sherry Romanado attempted to turn a poorly-received joke by James Bezan into a political scandal.

The attempt widely backfired, as the reaction by Canadians on social media was generally critical of Romanado.

Many pointed out that while Bezan’s comment may have been a dumb joke, it certainly wasn’t a big political issue.

Others questioned why it was brought up on the same day Trudeau miserably failed in China, even though it stemmed from months ago.

Further, people pointed out that almost everybody has made some dumb comments at one time or another, including Sherry Romanado herself.

As reported by Le Journal de Montréal, Romanado made comments that came to light in the 2015 campaign that were seen as offensive to overweight people. Screenshots of the comments, as also reported by the Prince Arthur Herald, can be seen below:

Of course, I don’t think she should resign or get in trouble for those comments. They were dumb remarks, and we all say dumb things.

However, if she is going to try and create a political scandal out of Bezan’s bad joke – in what seems to be a clear attempt to distract from Trudeau’s terrible China failure – then it’s no surprise that people would criticize her past insulting comments towards overweight people.

Romanado’s comments aren’t any more extreme than things everybody has said or thought in private, just as many people make dumb jokes like Bezan did.

Neither of them should lose their jobs.

There is such a thing as being far too sensitive as a society, and we are certainly heading in that direction. That’s why it’s time for common-sense to make a comeback.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube/Screenshot

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She twisted something innocent into something sexual. What a twit!! It is her perception only not James Bezan’s or many other people’s perception. I believe she took it out of context!!!

Allan Holt

I thinking that if he did make a sexual comment as she understood, towards her,he must have been leaving the bar at 2 am. I’ve never left bar with an ugly person but I sure as hell have woken up next to one.

Wendy Lush

And Mary-Sue called me a fat four-eyed boob in grade 8.

Geez, it’s high school all over again.


I bet you are still not traumatised by it either are you? its the tolerant left!

John Smith

Call somebody fat from a fat person. A liberal has no shame


What a joke she is. She should bloody well be brought to task for her outrageous, tacky, boorish and ill conceived comments!!!! Is this how she will react under political pressure? I sure as hell hope not!!


What two faced person she is, gives the impression she was traumatized by a stupid remark, yet she is really an even more insulting person. She should have to stand in parliment an apoligize to anyone even slightly over weight. Plus she isn’t exactly fitting into a size 10. These are the people that are running our government, it really is a mess. Two faceed snowflake, they profess to be so many things they aren’t. A liberal progressive hater with a halo.


ahhh, the (not so ) tolerant left… amazing how the Canadian liberals are acting like the Obama democraps… oh, that’s right, hillerys political machine came up to help truduh! win the election… oddly enough, did Justin donate 20 million taxpayers dollars to the Clinton foundation after he won??? so American women could have abortions I think the excuse was… smells like payback to me…