Trudeau Government To “Provide” Air Force With USED F-18s from Australia

Canadian pilots will be stuck with the used jets (that are almost as old as our already-declining F-18 fleet), meanwhile Australia is buying new F-18s for their Air Force.

Yet again, Canada’s military is getting substandard equipment.

Instead of simply buying new F-35’s, the Trudeau government is buying 30 used F-18 fighter Jets from Australia.

This is supposedly “punishing” Boeing for the dispute with Bombardier, as the government had been considering the purchase of F-18 Superhornet fighters.

However, the punishment will also be spread to Canadian pilots, and the Canadian people. With pilots being forced to fly used planes, there could be increased safety dangers, as was seen with the Sea King helicopter debacle.

For the Canadian people, there could be two potential costs:

First, our security will not be as strong as it could be, since the air force will be using substandard planes.

Second, there will be financial costs, as used equipment will break down more often and require more repairs down the road.

In that regard, as noted by the Globe & Mail, “In addition, industry sources said it remains an open question whether Ottawa will be saving money by buying second-hand Australian jets that are nearly as old as Canada’s CF-18s.”

It’s the continuation of a terrible and dangerous trend where governments put the defence of Canada at the back of the line, and force our men and women in uniform (or flight suits) to use equipment that is far below the standard of what other countries have.

Spencer Fernando