BUREAUCRACY: Notley Government Adding $1.2 BILLION In Job-Killing Regulatory Costs

Job-creating businesses will face even more of a burden imposed by the bloated government bureaucracy.

The Alberta NDP government is introducing new regulations that will add $1.2 billion in yearly costs to Alberta businesses with large emissions, with the full cost taking effect by 2020.

According to the CP, “The new structure, called the Carbon Competitiveness Incentives, comes into place Jan. 1, 2018 and applies to facilities like oilsands operations, cement plants and fertilizer production that produce more than 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.”

This will be a big financial burden on large job creators, and represents another example of the government bureaucracy being unable to simply let companies grow and create jobs, and instead inserting itself to extract money and kill jobs.

Pathetically, the government tried to spin the announcement as if they were actually giving businesses money, because they announced that the full costs would be phased in until 2020, providing funding to offset 50% of the cost in 2018, and 25% of the cost in 2019.

That would be like somebody making you give them a hundred bucks, and then giving some of it back to you, and then telling people they gave you a gift.

It’s total BS, and it will only kill jobs, hurt the economy, and with the U.S. moving towards big tax cuts, push jobs out of Alberta and towards our southern neighbour.

Spencer Fernando

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