DECEPTION: Trudeau Is Purposefully Trying To Deceive Canadians About China

While his incompetence is slowing down the start of disastrous “free trade” talks, the elites won’t give up on their effort to fully betray Canadians.

Justin Trudeau has been having a tough trip to China, as his virtue-signalling has not been a big hit with the locals, and his efforts to suck up to China were not reciprocated as fervently as he expected.

However, while his incompetence and naivety has slowed down the start of trade talks, they aren’t going to stop them forever.

Even if his trip ends without a trade deal (which would actually be very good for Canadians), the elites won’t stop. Sooner or later, they are going to formally begin the effort to push a dangerous “free trade” deal with China.

And the key tactic they plan to use to force the deal is deception:

We can see this in Trudeau’s rhetoric while speaking to the elites in China at the Fortune Global Forum – described as “the Davos of Asia.”

According to a report by Chris Hall, here’s part of what Trudeau said:

“By keeping our borders open, and pursuing progressive trade deals that put people first and reflect our values, we give our businesses access to more customers, and we give our customers greater access to the goods they want. This is the Canadian way. We are, and have long been, a trading nation.” 

Trudeau ignores the fact that Canada has a long history of protectionism – which helped us build national industries and protected jobs & preserved Canadian ownership. 

So, Trudeau is purposely trying to re-frame Canadian history.

Trudeau also flat out lied about China being “open” when he said this:

“When it comes to trade and international co-operation, China and Canada share the belief that more openness and more collaboration is the right way forward. Closing our doors will only hurt our businesses, and our citizens.”

Of course, as we know, China is a massively protectionist country, and demands the right to buy up other countries businesses and land while tightly restricting foreign investment within their own borders.

This shows that Trudeau (or his advisors), know that he can’t sell “free trade” with China based on the truth.

So he and the government are simply making up a false version of Canada and China, saying they are similar, and trying to ram it through without giving the Canadian people a say.

It’s a strategy of deceit and deception, and it shows once again that the government doesn’t truly work for us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Well said, the trudeau liberals are a disaster for Canadians.


Liberal lies piled on top of even more Liberal lies.

Hey justin, we Canadians aren’t nearly as stupid and gullible as you think we are. Actually, it is trudeau that is stupid and gullible. I have a parent that has Alzheimers and she lives in her own little mental world as well.


China is a very protectionist country as you said. China ‘s values all of them human, economic, etc. are the total opposite of Canada’s values. I really dont see how any decent deals could be made. Wynne just returned from China with $2 billions dollars deals. I wonder how beneficial these deals are to our country. Should we be able to buy land or anything in China, we know that at one point of another China would nationalize everything and all would be lost. I am glad it is going that way with China right now.


Whenever I hear Trudeau speak, I automatically insert the inverse of whatever is said, and then I have the truth. When he says “Closing our doors will only hurt our businesses, and our citizens”, what he really means is we will open our doors and this WILL hurt our small businesses and icitizens BUT be good for the wealthy; if he says he is looking not to hurt citizens, you can bet dollars to donuts he is looking to do EXACTLY that. These devils, and their “mirror-talk” are not clever enough to fool us all.

Tommy Hawk

I doubt very strongly — particularly after two years in office — that Trudeau can voice anything with honest sincerity. His ramblings and his stilted speech patterns betray a total lack of thoughts that are honest and because of that failing, he tends to ramble on, hoping above hope that whatever he says will, if nothing else, confuse those listening. His most sincere comments are no more than and no less than outright lies — but the Liberal Party members sitting in the House on the Hill are either too intellectually restrained to notice, are so inept as persons, that… Read more »




I think is the opposite. The ones running the country are the Liberals behind Trudeau. And is scary


This entire liberal government is a disaster from Trudeau on down, and the sooner their turfed the better.

Chris vrecko

Darn right Richard. Canadians really need to pull their heads out of their backends and realize this man and his cohorts are out to take as much as possible from Canadians while making a name for themselves. So very sick of this horrid govt. May they rot in hell!


Never an honest word out of his mouth!!!!