DEFENSE DELAY: Trudeau Government May Push Back New Fighter Jet Replacements Until 2026

Old used fighter jets from Australia will be all that’s left to fill the gap for almost an entire decade.

A day after revealing that they would buy used fighter jets from Australia (that are almost as old as the CF-18s they’re meant to replace), the Trudeau government has even more bad news for the Canadian air force.

According to a CP report, the Trudeau government is delaying the purchase of long-term replacements for Canada’s fighter jet fleet.

The story notes, “The Liberals said last year that they planned to start receiving new fighters in about five years, or around 2021, at which point the 30-year-old CF-18s would start being phased out. But several sources tell The Canadian Press that defence officials don’t expect the first new plane to be delivered for another eight years, which would put the time frame around 2026.”

Yet another broken promise.

This means that in the foreseeable future, Canada’s fighter pilots will be flying F-18s that the Australian military didn’t even want.

After all, the jets from Australia are about 30-years-old, meaning that our air force is far behind the technology level of many other nations. Also, the jets they’re replacing are about the same age, so the entire purchase is total stupidity.

Now, with the government not even deciding on the model that will replace them (they should just stop wasting time and get the F-35s immediately), our pilots and our citizens will have to wait even longer before our air defences are even modestly equipped.

Spencer Fernando

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