Any “Free Trade” Deal With China Must Be Decided By A National Referendum

The corrupt elites must not be allowed to impose a devastating “free trade deal” with China on our country. The Canadian people must get the final decision.

Despite Justin Trudeau’s total failure in China, he and the corrupt elites won’t stop their push for a “free trade” deal with China.

Many of the biggest corporations and globalist entities want the deal, as it will further reduce the power of Canadian workers, weaken our national sovereignty, and make it easier for Canada to be sold off piece by piece to the highest bidder – exactly what the corrupt elites want.

Clearly, it must be stopped.

Such a devastating deal would have widespread negative impacts across our country, and issues of that magnitude cannot be left in the hands of the failed political class – particularly the Trudeau government which has repeatedly sold us out to China.

That’s why Canadians must get the chance to vote on any “free trade” deal with China in a National Referendum.

As you can see from the response to the tweet below, there is widespread support for giving Canadians the final say:

96% of the 565 people who voted believe Canadians should get a vote.

After all, we aren’t truly a democracy if such a dangerous deal is imposed on us without Canadians getting a direct say.

We must increase the pressure nationwide and demand that all MPs push for any such deal to be decided by a referendum. It would force the corrupt elites to actually explain themselves, rather than hide the betrayal of our country behind backroom deals and deceptive talking points.

The Canadian people must have the final word.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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We the Canadian people must get rid of Boy True Dope, ASAP.

D. Jerome Hauk

There is no way that Justin would allow he input from the hoi

Tim Pedden

Any Free Trade Deal should be made with our Allies and with Countries that are Democratic and Believe in Human Rights .Never with our ENEMY CHINA .


The nafta deal has not been settled and it lost Canadians many jobs when it started now why would we as Canadians want more trade deals when we cannot even get properly together with our neighbours and friends who we share borders with. I believe Canadians do need to vote on these trade deals they don’t help or respect us. We need trade but not selling our country out, that to me is treason.

don morris

There are rarely referendums in Canada,for the simple reason that they may not go the way the government intended. Mulroney learned that lesson when he gave us the chance to vote on the Charlottetown Accord,and we rightly rejected it,so no Liberal government is going to take that chance. Of course any free trade with China or anywhere else will benefit the elite,that’s what our federal government does, serve the Laurentian Elite, and it doesn’t particularly matter which Party has the government at the time,notice that Supply Side management of our dairy and poultry industries didn’t disappear under Harper and in… Read more »


I agree. And no political party in Canada would ever trust the “populus” to make the right decision. We are too stupid. As well, Trudeau thinks by getting …what?……38% of the vote he has a mandate to do what ever he wants. The NDP wouldn’t buck this either.