IGNORANCE & DISHONESTY: Trudeau Says “Free Trade” With China Will Counter “Populism”

Trudeau either doesn’t realize, or doesn’t care that China is a heavily protectionist country that regularly takes advantage of their trading “partners.”

During his failed trip to China, Justin Trudeau continually repeated a talking point that is stunningly ignorant.

Trudeau repeatedly said that increasing trade with China is a way to counter “populism” and “nationalism.”

It’s an incredibly absurd argument.

While Trudeau may personally believe that foolishness, it’s clearly an attempt by his advisors to somehow sell the trade deal under deceptive and false pretenses.

After all, it’s well-known that China is one of the most protectionist countries on earth, and imposes extremely tight restrictions on foreign investment. Meanwhile, they demand the ability to buy up companies and land in other nations, seeking to turn their so-called “trading partners” into economic colonies.

China has also been pushing an aggressive, anti-Western form of nationalism. Xi Jinping has said that the Western model of democracy (including free speech and free elections), is opposed to China’s values.

Additionally, he has expanded restrictions on free expression, and has expanded government domination over the economy and the media.

Meanwhile, China imposes restrictions on immigration and religion that would be massively condemned by the politically correct Trudeau elites if another country implemented the very same policies.

So, any idea that trade with China is related to fighting “populism” and “nationalism” is total BS. It’s nothing but a garbage talking point.

As I pointed out previously, the elites know that China is not in any way an open society, but they simply don’t care about the hypocrisy.


Through a combination of ignorance and willful deception, Trudeau and the elitist establishment are trying to force a dangerous deal upon our country.

Spencer Fernando

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