BEWARE THE “UNITED FRONT”: Former Ambassador Warns Of China’s Attempts To Manipulate Canadian Public Opinion

David Mulroney says China’s Communist Party takes actions that are “a form of interference in Canadian affairs.”

Canada’s former Ambassador to China and former national security advisor David Mulroney is warning Canadians about the efforts of China’s Communist Party to push a “United Front” in order to influence public opinion in Canada.

As noted by the CP, Mulroney said “China does have a strategy for influencing public opinion and political opinion in other countries on issues that are important to China.”

Mulroney pointed out that these actions are increasing under the more aggressive government led by Xi Jinping:

“Under Xi, China has undertaken a co-ordinated campaign known as the “united front” to influence events in foreign countries, including Canada, said Mulroney.”

Part of that effort has been based on using Chinese students and Chinese citizens living in Canada to create the impression of support for the Communist State:

“During past visits by Chinese leaders to Ottawa, the Chinese embassy has bussed in students from Kingston and Montreal to counter the inevitable demonstrations against the Chinese government, he said.”

Adds Mulroney, “The Chinese communist successfully links patriotism to support for the party and the government.” Chinese students often bristle at reading criticism about their country when abroad and feel embattled, so it can drive them to be “super patriots.”

The former ambassador notes that while every country pushes their influence, those attempts are usually public, whereas China does things behind the scenes:

“We do that above board, we do that publicly. Where China differs is its willingness to use diaspora groups, people who have an economic stake in China to work behind the scenes. That’s a form of interference in Canadian affairs.”

United Front is a long-time Communist tactic

As we know, “free trade” with China doesn’t really exist, because of the nature of their Communist government. The “United Front” is a well-known Communist tactic, used to push sinister goals behind the facade of groups that don’t seem Communist controlled, even though they are.

Canadians must heed the warnings of Mulroney, and go a step further to make sure that “free trade” with China never happens. Canadian Patriots must speak out against a deal that would be a betrayal of our country, and would turn us even more into an economic and political colony of a ruthless Communist government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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