Canada Must Reject Globalism & Embrace Populism Instead

There’s a reason Justin Trudeau and the globalist elites are so afraid of Populism: It would stop them from being able to take advantage of the Canadian people.

Justin Trudeau and globalist elites around the world constantly attack the idea of Populism, seeking to cast it as some sort of negative force.

Pathetically, Trudeau even tried to say that “free trade” with China is about countering Populism, which is one of the dumbest things said by a Canadian “leader.”

Yet, the very fact that they are so afraid of Populism is why Canada must embrace it.

Populism is about making sure that the true views of the people are represented by the government. It puts more power directly in the hands of citizens, as opposed to letting elitist politicians impose a globalist agenda that nobody really agreed to.

Of course, because the current corrupt system benefits the elites, who gain wealth and power at our expense, they are desperate to demonize anything that would reduce their control over our nation.

A strong history of Populism in Canada, and the potential for widespread support

Populism has a strong history in Canada, particularly in the heartland, both on the left and right. Both forms of Populism have found common ground in opposition to the corrupt elites who seek to centralize all government wealth and power in the nations capital.

Now, there is rising populist opposition throughout the country towards the current corrupt elites who have betrayed Canadian workers and sold our country out, while letting foreign multinational corporations and foreign governments gain more control over Canada.

Conservatives are in the best position to become a Populist movement

There are parts of Populism that overlap with both the Conservatives, and the NDP of the past. However, with the NDP moving further towards Trudeau-style globalism under Jagmeet Singh, the Conservatives are best positioned to become a Populist movement. Of course, that would require that they stamp out remnants of elitist arrogance, and move away from their reflexive support of “free trade”, and multinational corporationsAndrew Scheer has already taken a step in the right direction by opposing Trudeau’s dangerous push for “free trade” with China.

By embracing a Patriotic Populist agenda that strengthens respect for Canada’s borders, focuses on growing our domestic economy, increases the leverage of Canadian workers, stands up for Canadian Values, and puts the needs of Canadian citizens above all else, the Conservatives can consolidate their current support, win many people who normally don’t vote, and win votes from working-class NDP voters who are being totally abandoned by Jagmeet Singh’s far left social justice warrior agenda.

Meanwhile, embracing Canadian Populism means being unafraid to celebrate and defend the fact that Canada is based upon the best ideals of Western Civilization, while encouraging newcomers to do more to assimilate (such as strongly condemning FGM and making clear what is and isn’t accepted in Canada), rather than let dangerous identity politics encourage people to impose foreign cultures upon the country.

One thing that is rarely understood (or purposely ignored) by the politically correct elites is that many people come to Canada because they want to live in a Western Country, not because they want to repeat the fights of their former homeland. For example, people from the Philippines and India (and most other countries), don’t want to deal with radical Islamism in Canada and want to see Canada’s historic culture prevail.

After all, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an unabashed nationalist, and his strength in defending his country is highly respected, as a Canadian Prime Minister would be highly respected if they showed similar strength defending Canada’s culture and Canada’s interests – unlike Justin Trudeau’s weak and pathetic globalism.

That’s why a strong Populist movement would find strong support nationwide, and would start off particularly strong in the heartland, rural Quebec, and the Ontario suburbs. It would give the Conservatives the ability to get their support into the 45%-50% range in the medium to long-term, rather than being stuck near 30% and hoping for a lucky vote split.

Yet, this will also require a total bypassing of the elitist consensus, as anything resembling Populism gets instantly shouted down by the establishment press and political class.

Common-sense politicians will need to find the strength and courage to get past the inevitable political attacks and denunciations and finally stand up for the true interests of Canadians. We must make sure that the real views of the Canadian people are heard, and the dangerous globalist agenda can be stopped before Canada is lost.

Spencer Fernando

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