REPORT: Trudeau’s Refusal To Buy Super Hornets Fails To End Boeing-Bombardier Trade Fight

That means the only consequence of Trudeau’s decision is that Canadian fighter pilots will be forced to fly old used leftovers from Australia.

The Trudeau government has failed yet again.

Their decision to reject the idea of buying new Super Hornet fighters from Boeing to temporarily replace our aging CF-18s was based on the idea that it would pressure Boeing into dropping their trade dispute with Bombardier.

Yet, after the decision was announced, and after it was revealed that the Trudeau government was going to saddle our brave fighter pilots with used leftover jets from Australia, Boeing said they weren’t dropping the trade dispute with Bombardier.

Boeing made that clear in a carefully worded statement, as noted by the CP, “Although we will not have the opportunity to grow our supply base, industrial partnerships and jobs in Canada the way we would if Canada purchased new Super Hornets, we will continue to look to find productive ways to work together in the future.”

The report also pointed out, “But Boeing also made clear that it had no intention of dropping its dispute with Montreal-based Bombardier, which it accuses of having broken trade rules when it sold dozens of C-Series passenger planes to a U.S. airline. “Our commitment to creating a level playing field in aerospace remains,” Boeing said. “We will continue to support all efforts to build an environment of free and fair competition marked by compliance with agreed-upon rules.”

So, it’s a failure all around. Our pilots get bad planes, our national air defences are left in a terribly weakened state, and the trade dispute continues.

It’s a pathetic and disgraceful failure by the Trudeau government, and is another example of their total incompetence and inability to defend Canada’s interests.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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