TRUDEAU ‘FEMINISM’: Hussen Repeatedly Refuses To Say Whether Condemnation Of Female Genital Mutilation Will Stay In Final Citizenship Guide

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen dodged the question over and over again, and refused to say whether the final citizenship guide would include a condemnation of the horrible third-world practice of FGM.

The Trudeau government – which never tires of saying how ‘feminist’ they are – is under fire once again for their weakness on the issue of female genital mutilation.

The practice, which is heavily-used in many third-world countries, and often advocated for by radical Islamists, has been brought to attention in Canada. Canadian border guards have been warned that people are entering our borders to impose FGM, while it is known that some people are taking their daughters outside of Canada to have the procedure done in foreign countries.

The previous Conservative government did the right thing by putting a clear condemnation of FGM in the citizenship guide, making clear it has no place in our great country.

You would think that the Trudeau government would be supportive of condemning FGM in the citizenship guide, but instead of standing against such a horrific practice, they are more concerned with pathetic political correctness.

A horrible citizenship guide draft

A leaked draft of the changed citizenship guide had shown the Trudeau government removing the condemnation of FGM that had been put into the guide by the Conservatives.

The decision sparked massive outrage, and Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel has been applying constant pressure on the government to get answers on this total travesty.

Most recently, she asked Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen a very simple question: Would the government keep the condemnation and warning of FGM in the new citizenship guide?

Instead of answering, Hussen disturbingly dodged the question at every opportunity, and made statements that didn’t really add up. He first said that the guide had not been written, but then refused to deny that the leaked draft was a government document.

And in all those instances, he refused to answer the question, despite being asked over and over again. The fact that he – and Trudeau in other instances – can’t just keep the condemnation in the citizenship guide and make clear that FGM is not acceptable in Canada is disgraceful, disturbing, and totally destroys any credibility the Trudeau government could have had when it comes to standing up for Canadian Values.

Click here to watch the exchange between Rempel and Hussen.

Spencer Fernando

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