CONCERNING: Despite Our Much Smaller Population, More Canadians Than Americans Joined ISIS

While the federal government tries to downplay the threat of terrorism, Canada’s problem with returning ISIS fighters appears more serious than what the U.S. faces, despite our population being a fraction of the size.

According to the Soufan Centre, 180 Canadians went overseas to fight for “terrorist groups” (AKA ISIS) in Iraq & Syria.

Meanwhile, 129 people from the U.S. went overseas to fight for ISIS.

To get a sense of how concerning that is, if Canada’s number of ISIS fighters was proportionate to that of the U.S., only 13 would have gone overseas.

The stats were shared by CPAC on Twitter:

In case you have trouble viewing the tweet, the key stats are included in the photo below:

In addition to these concerning stats, the number of returning fighters is also disturbing.

The Soufan Centre says that 60 terrorists returned to Canada, while just 7 returned to the United States.

This is in large part due to the fact that the U.S. has taken action to defend their citizens by eliminating ISIS fighters on the battlefields of Iraq and Syria, whereas the Trudeau government has chosen the path of “reintegration.”

As you can see by the disparity in the Canadian and U.S. stats, Canada clearly has a problem with Islamist radicalization, and it’s a problem our government is dangerously trying to downplay and dismiss.

In fact, they’ve even called those who call for stronger measures against the problem “Islamophobic,” putting political correctness above the security of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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K Garner

How Canadian are those returning “Canadians”? There is nothing Canadian about them whatsoever.


No, those returning terrorist are first generation Canadian, they only have to be here for a month. And I quote a ” Canadian is Canadian is Canadian “…from some mentally deranged idiot in eastern Canada



Trudeau is making and encouraging the breeding of ISIS terrorists in Canada. Let’s face it Trudeau is on the side of the terrorists.


In future, Trudeau will be held personally responsible. Are lawyers quietly gathering notes and reading up on laws and court cases that might be used to save Canada?

Wendy Lush

The danger that returning ISIS fighters pose to the Canadian public is not our only problem; what if they decide to sneak across the border for an attack. This in my opinion is a greater risk.

Remember this?..
“Mississauga teen Abdulrahman El B ahnasawy, 19, pled guilty in 2016 over alleged plot to attack New York”


What can Canadians expect from a Treasonous Traitor of a PM? Trudeau does NOT cCare about the Safety of Canadians. When Trudeau Awards Convicted Terrorist, Omar Khadr, with a 10.5 Million Dollar Payout for Killing, Disabling Canadians and our Allies, against the Wishes of Canadian Taxpayers, what can Canadians Expect? It’s High Time that this Dictator and Traitor is OUSTED!

Jill Ward

don’t forget the other 3 terrorists he quietly paid out their multi million dollar cheques back in February – and I understand there is a line up to the SCoC of returning islamic terrorists for their tax free millions and I also understand the ransom they demand from us is going up, up, up as well. Trudeau will have to find another tax to pay for them all! KEEP PAYING YOUR TAXES CANADIANS SO THIS FUN CAN CONTINUE UNABATED!!!!!

Rick Bourget

Safety is #1 at home , in the work place , in public. Break safety rules you can be fined , fired , jailed. Allowing terrorist fighters return to Canada is against everything I was taught to believe. These terrorists beat , raped and killed men , women and children in mass. Killed police and soldiers. These animals want to destroy western civilization. I do not want to support this behavior. I do not support a government that puts my family , friends , neighbours in harm’s way. What ta helll is in our elected governments mind. They have gone… Read more »


If one of the returning,and not integrated, terrorists kills in Canada, can the Liberal government be sued? Or would it be not reported? Another “person” committed something, to someone, somewhere in Canada?

Plourde Ulysse

le pire est a venir avec le multiculturaliste de trudeau . Ca ne marchera pas

Wendy Lush

Quel Trudeau, Pierre ou son enfant-terrible Justin, le dauphin idiot?

Victor Barnacane

This is just another feature of the diversity that Justin Trudeau is constantly reminding Canadians is its strength. He is blind to the problem and in fact announced that if he weren’t born otherwise, he would be a muslim.