CONCERNING: Despite Our Much Smaller Population, More Canadians Than Americans Joined ISIS

While the federal government tries to downplay the threat of terrorism, Canada’s problem with returning ISIS fighters appears more serious than what the U.S. faces, despite our population being a fraction of the size.

According to the Soufan Centre, 180 Canadians went overseas to fight for “terrorist groups” (AKA ISIS) in Iraq & Syria.

Meanwhile, 129 people from the U.S. went overseas to fight for ISIS.

To get a sense of how concerning that is, if Canada’s number of ISIS fighters was proportionate to that of the U.S., only 13 would have gone overseas.

The stats were shared by CPAC on Twitter:

In case you have trouble viewing the tweet, the key stats are included in the photo below:

In addition to these concerning stats, the number of returning fighters is also disturbing.

The Soufan Centre says that 60 terrorists returned to Canada, while just 7 returned to the United States.

This is in large part due to the fact that the U.S. has taken action to defend their citizens by eliminating ISIS fighters on the battlefields of Iraq and Syria, whereas the Trudeau government has chosen the path of “reintegration.”

As you can see by the disparity in the Canadian and U.S. stats, Canada clearly has a problem with Islamist radicalization, and it’s a problem our government is dangerously trying to downplay and dismiss.

In fact, they’ve even called those who call for stronger measures against the problem “Islamophobic,” putting political correctness above the security of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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