HYPOCRITE: Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas Seeking Medical Treatment In United States

Yet he says the U.S. Vice-President isn’t welcome in Palestinian areas.

In between fomenting dissent, demonizing the United States, and rewarding extremism, Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas is heading to the United States for medical treatment.

As reported by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, “The White House confirmed reports that Trump invited Abbas to visit him in Washington in a few weeks’ time, when the Palestinian president is slated to be in the city for a medical procedure.”

This is a shocking level of hypocrisy. 

Abbas regularly attacks the United States for supporting Israel, and demonizes the U.S. at every opportunity.

Yet, he is willing to go to the U.S. himself for medical treatment, at the same time as he tells the U.S. Vice-President not to visit Palestinian areas.

This is seen in many other instances, as other members of Abbas’ family have received medical treatment in Israel, even as he leads an organization (the PLO), that officially calls for the destruction of Israel.

Total hypocrisy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube