NEW NORMAL: Toronto City Council Installing Barriers To Prevent Terror Attacks With Vehicles

The politicians who publicly try to downplay the threat of terrorism seem quite worried about it.

Toronto City Council has voted to put barriers around Nathan Phillips Square, in a clear effort to protect City Hall from potential terrorist attacks with vehicles.

As reported by Global News, “Toronto city council wants to hold more consultations before considering beefing up security measures at City Hall. Council did, however, approve new vehicle mitigation measures for Nathan Phillips Square during its meeting on Friday. Perimeter posts will be installed to help protect the public if a vehicle were to mount the curb and target a crowd of people.”

This is obviously a response to the Islamist terror attacks around the Western world, including the recent attack in Edmonton where a terrorist used a car in an attempt to murder a police officer and pedestrians.

Of course, enhancing security is good, and the City Council is doing the right thing to make citizens safer.

However, there is a clear irony here, as many politicians have been constantly dismissing the threat of Islamist terrorism, and even try demonizing Patriotic Canadians as “Islamophobic” for even mentioning the danger.

Disturbingly, it seems that the elites are trying to make living under the threat of terrorism the new normal, by weakening our borders, ignoring the threat, “reintegrating” ISIS fighters instead of eliminating/arresting them, and then telling us we have to accept that barriers will go up all over the place.

Yet, living in a free and secure nation is not something Canadians can give up on. We must push back against political correctness, and demand leaders who are willing to speak openly about the threat of Islamist terrorism, take action against it, and ensure that the threat of vehicle attacks does not remain our “new normal” for long.

Spencer Fernando

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