AWFUL: Veterans Affairs Horribly Mismanaged Aspects Of Vimy Ridge Centennial, Many Canadian Visitors Left Without Water & Access To Washrooms

Report reveals many of the 25,000 Canadians in France for the ceremony strongly criticized how Veterans Affairs managed the event, where many Canadian attendees were left in terrible conditions.

A report from the National Post reveals that many of the Canadians who attended the April 9, 2017 Centennial of the Battle of Vimy Ridge were shocked by the staggering level of mismanagement.

Many of the 25,000 Canadians in attendance were left in absolutely horrible conditions, with some having to urinate on the ground because not enough bathrooms were available.

As noted by the National Post, “Concerts and sports events handle similar crowds all the time. They bus people in, open lots of gates, supply portable toilets and water, give clear directions and let everyone go home when the event is over.”

And yet, the government botched it horribly:

“However, documents obtained through an access-to-information request showed how visitors who travelled all the way from Canada were stranded, injured and left sweltering in the sun with no water. They were forced to urinate on the grass for lack of toilets and finally penned in enclosures for two hours or more after dignitaries — including princes Charles, Harry and William and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — drove away past them.”

Of course, the elites were well taken care of.

But it gets worse:

“Seniors were pushed and shoved against metal gates by overcrowding. Some students gave up waiting and walked across the battlefield still containing some unexploded shells. Families were separated as darkness fell.”

The experience was so bad for many of the attendees that 397 pages worth of complaint letters were filed to Veterans Affairs.

The National Post shared some of those letters, one of which reads “A few of us seniors required wheelchairs at the airport due to the unfortunate incidents at the Vimy site.”

They note “Her letter is calm right to the end, when she concludes: “SHAME SHAME ON YOU!”‘

Clean house at Veterans Affairs – put Canadian Veterans in charge

This is absolutely awful, and it’s yet another failure by Veterans Affairs. If this was a one-off situation of incompetence/mismanagement then perhaps they could get the benefit of the doubt, but Veterans Affairs has been incompetent and has been screwing over Canadian Veterans for a very long time.

It’s also part of a larger pattern where Canadian “leaders” let our nation defense disintegrate while trying to forget those who stood up for our freedom, and this disregard has seemingly extended to the management of the Centennial.

That’s why Veterans Affairs needs a total housecleaning. Top management should all be removed, and replaced with Canadian Veterans who actually know what Veterans have gone through and will work to make sure the Veterans Affairs Department lives up to the greatness of our country.

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Spencer Fernando