TROUBLING: Trudeau’s Ethics Commissioner Pick Was “Rebuked” By Auditor General For Performance As Integrity Commissioner

Mario Dion’s nomination isn’t off to a good start.

With the Trudeau government already facing criticism for failing to consult with the opposition on their pick for the new Ethics Commissioner, more concerns are emerging.

An earlier news report included this interesting bit of information:

“In 2014, Michael Ferguson, Canada’s auditor general, publicly rebuked Dion’s performance as the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada, an office that is supposed to protect public servants who blow the whistle on wrongdoing within the federal government. Dion was appointed commissioner after the previous commissioner resigned amid complaints about the office.”

So, the person the Trudeau government wants to be the new Ethics Commissioner – a position that requires toughness and a willingness to confront the government – was criticized by the Auditor General for their performance in a role that was about protecting those who expose government wrongdoing.

Not good.

The fact that an Auditor General would make a public criticism shows that there were legitimate concerns, and raises serious questions about the choice made by the Trudeau government.

Many will wonder if the government is looking for a “yes man,” rather than someone who will actually confront them. And considering that there are serious, ongoing investigations into both Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau, the choice of Dion is raising some big-time red flags.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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