HYPOCRITES: Canadian “Leaders” Silent After Anti-Semitic ‘Palestinian Rally’ In Vancouver

It’s disgraceful how our so-called leaders refuse to condemn Anti-Semitic hate, while letting those who oppose Canada’s values hide behind political correctness.

That’s what has happened in the wake of a “pro-Palestinian” rally in Vancouver that descended into anti-Semitism.

The organization B’nai Brith says there were people who “spewed hate” at Jewish people who shared an opinion that differed from the “Palestinian rally.”

Among what took place was an incident in which a Jewish person had an Israeli flag stolen from his hands.

After it was stolen, the flag was lit on fire.

Another flag was ripped into pieces.

The disturbing actions by Palestinian protesters were reported on by Global News:

“B’nai Brith Canada Spokesperson Aidan Fishman says some protesters spewed hate at Jews who attended to show their support for Israel. He says Israeli flag was ripped up, and another painted on a piece of cardboard was burned.”

As Fishman pointed out, “It’s one thing to disagree over policy issues, like where Israel’s capital should be or how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be solved. But one way it definitely can’t be solved is by literally burning the other side’s national symbols.”

Hate crimes

According to Statistics Canada, hate crimes increased in 2016, with a total of 1,409 reported.

Jewish people were targeted in 221 reported hate crimes, an increase from 178 in the previous year. Meanwhile, Muslim people were targeted in 139 hate crimes in 2016, which was a decline from 159.

Any hate crime is terrible, and politicians should condemn them. However, many elitist politicians refuse to condemn Anti-Semitic hate when it’s put forth by radical Islamists, yet those same politicians regularly slander millions of Canadians of as “Islamophobic” for demanding tougher actions against radical Islamism.

It’s terrible hypocrisy.

This hypocrisy is growing even worse, and the near-total silence by the elites surrounding this disturbing Vancouver rally shows that our “leaders” are prepared to let some people hide behind political correctness instead of confronting hate.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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