SURPRISE: Trudeau Government Choice For Ethics Commissioner NOT Committing To Continue Investigation Of Prime Minister

This uncertainty over whether the investigation will even be allowed to finish confirms the worst concerns of many Canadians.

If you were worried that the Trudeau government pick for the new ethics commissioner might not keep the investigations into Justin Trudeau (and Moneybags Morneau) going, you were 100% right to be concerned.

According to the CP, “The Liberal government’s nominee for federal ethics watchdog won’t commit to completing ongoing investigations into the prime minister or finance minister if he gets the job.”

Mario Dion says he will “review the whole genesis of those investigations,” and added “I would own the final result and therefore I have to assess what has been done to date to determine whether I am supportive of that, but abandoning an investigation completely without reason is not something I would do.”

We know that this is the exact wording the government would use if they were potentially laying the groundwork for shutting the investigation down.

While Dion may continue the probes into the ethics issues surrounding Trudeau and Morneau, he could have easily dissolved any concerns by committing to seeing the investigations through to a clear conclusion.

Instead, he is leaving the issue up in the air and totally uncertain.

This is feeding into perceptions of the rigged system, designed to give the outward appearance of accountability, without actually delivering any accountability.

Canadians would be forgiven for thinking that this whole thing doesn’t add up at all.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot

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