SURPRISE: Trudeau Government Choice For Ethics Commissioner NOT Committing To Continue Investigation Of Prime Minister

This uncertainty over whether the investigation will even be allowed to finish confirms the worst concerns of many Canadians.

If you were worried that the Trudeau government pick for the new ethics commissioner might not keep the investigations into Justin Trudeau (and Moneybags Morneau) going, you were 100% right to be concerned.

According to the CP, “The Liberal government’s nominee for federal ethics watchdog won’t commit to completing ongoing investigations into the prime minister or finance minister if he gets the job.”

Mario Dion says he will “review the whole genesis of those investigations,” and added “I would own the final result and therefore I have to assess what has been done to date to determine whether I am supportive of that, but abandoning an investigation completely without reason is not something I would do.”

We know that this is the exact wording the government would use if they were potentially laying the groundwork for shutting the investigation down.

While Dion may continue the probes into the ethics issues surrounding Trudeau and Morneau, he could have easily dissolved any concerns by committing to seeing the investigations through to a clear conclusion.

Instead, he is leaving the issue up in the air and totally uncertain.

This is feeding into perceptions of the rigged system, designed to give the outward appearance of accountability, without actually delivering any accountability.

Canadians would be forgiven for thinking that this whole thing doesn’t add up at all.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot

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Chris vrecko

That’s not a shocker. Does anyone really expect this govt. to do something honest? I don’t. He is pure scum.


scum? This is nothing compared to his supports of terrorists in keeping their citizenship instead of protecting you from the acts of terror. This is enough for me to know who jihadi Justin ‘truly’ is.


I made a decision about Trudeau’s illegal helicopter flight withing 60 seconds of hearing about it. Trudeau and his Liberals are establishing a culture of a crooked bureaucracy which might be impossible to clean up. He is creating the Canadian swamp for self protection, exactly like other dictators do.

clark denengelsen

corrupt as usual, did we expect anything different


In the 2016 survey of corrupt governments,Canada is only in the 9th.position from the least corrupt government which is Denmark in the 1st position as the least corrpt.


Wonder what it would say now……….. we are totaly comprimised to the point of our government just laughing at our concerns……….. closer to Indonesia if fact be known I think



JP LaRocque

Politicians of all stripes always thrive to protect their butts!!!! Nothing new its just what they do!!!! They care little about THE PEOPLE but their party is what counts……DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY NOT FOR YOUR PARTY!!!!!


NOT SURPRISE AT ALL! Liberals corruptions will never end in fact, it will get worse since their leader jihadi Justin committed himself and his party wimps and the media into supporting terrorists and ISIS over the protection and safety of the general public. So I am not surprise who or what he does anymore just as long as we (Canadians) who have not ‘fallen’ for his evil ways keep themselves well informed and above water surveying their surrounds and heed warnings from those who warn you of him (Justin). DO NOT RELY ON THE MEDIA FOR ANY INFORMATION. DO YOUR… Read more »




It just keeps getting worse with this Prime Minister. We had such a great finance minister when Flaherty was in office. We had a Prime Minister who was educated in economics, finance, who was himself an entrepreneur so he had a great understanding of how to make it easy for citizens to be entrepreneurs, start companies. To go to a Prime Minister who is a drama teacher seems the most insane thing to do to someone like myself and to have the continual unethical actions taken then action taken to try cover them up so they are not held accountable… Read more »


Did Trudeau pay him off to be corrupt and look the other way??


No he is a Liberal supported and it is part of his employment contract to never investigate any Liberal member of parliament.

Alci B


It doesn’t take a genius to see why they chose this guy . Canadians better wake up and speak up .

Chris vrecko

Amen. Wish the rest of Canadians saw what we see!