‘TRANSPARENCY’: MPs Will Get Just 7 Minutes To Question Ethics Commissioner Pick

The Trudeau government didn’t consult the opposition, and is giving MPs almost no time to ask questions. That’s a long way from what was advertised as the most “open and transparent” government ever.

MPs in committee will have just seven minutes each to ask questions of Mario Dion, the Trudeau government pick for Ethics Commissioner.

That’s a minuscule amount of time, and the CP notes that NDP Ethics Critic Nathan Cullen pointed out Dion will be on the job for as many as 7 years.

7 minutes for questions, 7 years in office.


There are also concerns about Dion’s prior performance in the bureaucracy:

“Also problematic is Dion’s past as the public sector integrity commissioner, where the auditor general found Dion had challenges following through on investigations, Cullen said. Those findings are relevant given the unfinished Dawson investigations, he added.”

The Trudeau government definitely doesn’t want Dion answering too many questions, especially since the opposition and many Canadians are demanding to know how he will handle the investigations into Trudeau and Morneau, and are very concerned that he didn’t commit to continuing those investigations.

So much for openness and transparency.

Spencer Fernando

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