WEAK: Senate Approves Liberal Bill Removing ‘Barbaric Cultural Practices’ Term From Law Against Forced Marriages

More absurd political correctness.

The Canadian Senate has voted in favour of legislation that removes a reference to ‘Barbaric Cultural Practices’ from a piece of legislation banning forced marriages in Canada.

As noted by the National Post, “Liberal Sen. Mobina Jaffer introduced the bill in December 2015, shortly after the Liberals won the federal election and less than six months after the previous Conservative government passed the so-called “Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act” into law.”

The report also points out that Jaffer said using “barbaric” was “insulting to cultures in Canada.”

Jaffer says linking “barbaric” and “cultures” implies that those cultures are themselves barbaric. However, the fact that the law referred to “barbaric cultural practices” makes clear that it was referring to the “practices” (forced marriage), rather than the culture on the whole.

Of course, that’s a logical analysis of it, and the disturbing wave of absurd political correctness sweeping our country and the Western world is devoid of any logic.

Unfortunately, this political correctness seems to be spreading through the political spectrum, as Conservative Senator Salma Ataullahjan agreed with Jaffer’s effort to remove “barbaric.”

At this point, we have “leaders” who are putting the feelings of the easily offended above sending clear statements about Canadian values and what our country does and doesn’t accept.

After all, Canada has a culture and our nation has a right to assert that culture. There’s nothing wrong with calling things our country disagrees with “barbaric,” and our politicians should be focused on defending and asserting what Canada stands for, rather than undermining it with weak political correctness.

Spencer Fernando

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