POLL: Whopping 87% Of Canadians Want Tax Havens Banned

Government must take swift action and ban tax havens, which cost our nation up to $15 billion per year.

On November 5th, 2017, I called for the government to ban offshore tax havens.

Now, a new poll shows a massive majority of Canadians agree.

According to a poll conducted by Environics and reported by the Toronto Star, 87% of Canadians want the tax havens banned, and 90% say tax havens are immoral.

The issue has received renewed attention with the Paradise Papers, as many of Canadians top elites – including top Liberal fundraisers – were using offshore tax havens.

These tax havens cost Canada up to $15 billion per year, which means the rest of us are paying higher taxes because the elites aren’t paying in their own country.

It shows a serious lack of patriotism among the elites – not a big surprise since many of them are globalists who don’t even really care about their Canadian citizenship.

Opposition must demand immediate closure of the tax havens

The Conservatives have been relentless in ripping into the Trudeau government for their “tax fairness” hypocrisy, and rightfully so.

Trudeau tried taking money out of the pockets of Canadian small businesses, while ignoring the offshore tax havens used by his elitist buddies.

With that in mind, the Conservatives must go a step further and demand the immediate banning of the use of tax havens. After all, some elitists connected to the Conservative Party were also linked to the tax havens, so they must stamp that out if they want to retain credibility when attacking Trudeau and truly offer a choice that is about serving Canadians, instead of the elites.

With 87% of Canadians wanting tax havens banned, the upcoming actions of the opposition and government will show who the political class is really working for. If they refuse to follow the clear and overwhelming will of the Canadian people, it will be a betrayal of our country, and clear evidence that the politicians aren’t working for us at all.

Spencer Fernando

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