Trudeau Government Increasing Ties To Iran – A State Sponsor Of Terror

While Trudeau distances us from our traditional allies, he moves us closer to the Iranian regime.

Iran is one of the biggest state sponsors of terror, and it’s people are oppressed by a brutal Islamist regime with values diametrically opposed to Canada.

And yet, even as Trudeau distances Canada from our natural civilizational allies in the U.S. the U.K., and Australia, his government is moving Canada closer to Iran, something clearly noted by the Iranian Press:

“Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said on Wednesday that Canada and Iran will hold another meeting at expert level to discuss consular services to Iranian citizens and Canadians in both Tehran and Canada adding “the first step will be the establishment of an embassy’s foreign interest section. Bahram Ghasemi, Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that given the new developments in today’s world and the Canadian government readiness, they can take more steps in that regard.”

This is concerning, and some are speaking out against it:

This is a continuation of two disturbing Trudeau trends: His strange affinity for dictatorships, and his refusal to ever speak out against or condemn radical Islamism.

Now, this is infecting Canada’s entire foreign policy, as we move close to nations that are opposed to our national values, while moving away from our historic allies.

This must be opposed by Canadians.

Keep in mind, Iran is a country that regularly calls for the destruction of Israel and our closest ally the United States.

Getting closer to a country like that is not what Canada is supposed to be about.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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Did Trudeau not give millions to Iran not long ago?? Is he not contributing to terrorism? He should be impeached and step down–NOW!! he is such a traitor to Canada and obviously hates Canadians!!!


Yes he did. As if they need the money, OUR MONEY.


” stabilizing the region” – Which “region” exactly? Canada? Within days of the election, Trudeau laundered hundreds of millions to Hamas through the Islamist controlled UN. They claimed that money was to be used for education and health as well as schools and hospitals that needed to be built. It is no coincidence that these same schools and hospitals are used as weapons factories, as missile launching points and as bases for constructing concrete reinforced tunnels to attack Israel. Israel has problems dealing with these weapons sites because the Liberal supported Hamas force people on to the roofs and in… Read more »


You probably be arrested for taking a dollar than Jihadi Justin ever will for treason. That’s how bad it is in Canada and particularly the justice system. Turning a blind eye on our safety while supporting isis , Justin has proven he is not Canada’s PM but a stooge for terrorists to use at any time.


Canadians should read and understand, we knew this before he was elected, his father was the same. These people scare me, is it they only see nice hair, pot, etc. his father fooled us and now we should have known better. I really hope that Mr. Scheer is as strong a man as Mr. HARPER the only real prime minister Canada has had in my life time and it will take several terms for someone to correct all the laws and get us out of debt and get our jobs and business back from abroad. Make Canada strong again.


Canada’s Conservatives understand that ISIS fighters who return to Canada should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The Liberals don’t. Watch this extended head-to-head clip: Demanding answers from Justin Trudeau on this in Question Period.

Chris vrecko

I read this with horror. Is he totally out of his mind.
Our allies have been pushed aside and he wants only to deal w Muslims and communists. He has to go but how do we remove the SOB.


Spencer, listen to this tape. It most definitely interest you.

Exclusive Interview with Justin Trudeau (Uncut)

Justin trudeau interviewed by Iranian-Canadian reporters


Hi Jen,
I watched the video you shared with much interest. Then I found a video of his father… which I’d like to share… we might notice quite a difference between the two….

CBC Archives: Just Watch Me, 1970 | CBC
1970 – At the height of the FLQ crisis, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is confronted by the media and responds with perhaps his most famous line. This impromptu CBC-TV interview has become an archives legend.

“CBC Archives: Just Watch Me, 1970 | CBC”

Hope the link works.


JIHADI JUSTIN WILL sooner take you Canada down with him than he ever take the responsible personally.


Was listening to Fox, Hailey (america US ambassador to the UN had a thing on TV about Iran and misseles, the proof was behind her! We are going to end up enemies of our allies if something isn’the done pretty quick!


More & more, everyday, we are losing our freedom and our country as we knew it.


Nancy; The younger, and Canadian people who do not get informed they are all smitten with JT and are not looking at all at what he has been doing except for the smile, smoke, and drama! It is just like the PIED PIPER .

Define pied piper: one that offers strong but delusive enticement; a leader who makes irresponsible promises

Will they ever wake up before the RAPIDS????