VIDEO: Foolish Morneau Actually Wants Credit For Reversing His Own Tax Increase

Pierre Poilievre rips Moneybags for trying to get credit for “reversing” his tax increase on Canadian small businesses.

When the Trudeau government took power, the small businesses tax rate was heading toward 9%.

The previous Harper government had set the rate on a descending trajectory, and it was poised to automatically decline.

However, Trudeau & Moneybags cancelled the reduction, raising the rate back up to 10.5%.

It was a betrayal of a campaign promise, and it caused significant uncertainty across the country.

Then, in 2017, Moneybags Morneau announced that the government would reduce the rate back down to 9% – two full years late. Of course, that promise was only made when the government was facing massive criticism for their tax grab on Canada’s local businesses.

Now, Morneau is actually trying to get credit for it.

In Question Period, Pierre Poilievre called out Morneau for his hypocrisy.

Watch the video below:

Spencer Fernando

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