WATCH: Scheer Offers To Sell His Old Minivan To Trudeau, Mocking Decision To Buy Used Australian Jets

No word yet on whether Trudeau will accept the offer.

Mocking Justin Trudeau’s terrible decision to buy old used Australian fighter jets to “replace” Canada’s old used CF-18s, Andrew Scheer offered to sell his old minivan to Trudeau.

Watch the moment below:

Aside from Scheer’s offer, Trudeau was quite disingenous to cast all blame on the previous government.

While the Harper government failed to get new fighters, they faced intense opposition from the Liberals and NDP – who both kept criticizing the move towards purchasing the F-35 fighters.

Then, when Trudeau took office, he could have made an order for F-35s at any time, but refused to do so.

And then, he let Boeing’s fight with Bombardier interfere with the purchase of Super Hornets, meaning Canadian pilots will end up with substandard fighters that Australia was keen to get rid of because they’re buying F-35s.


Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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