FAIL: Trudeau Government Promotes Purchase Of Australia’s Leftovers With Photo Of Super Hornet They Aren’t Buying

It seems even the social media managers for the government are embarrassed by the terrible purchase.

The Trudeau government used a plane the government isn’t buying (Super Hornets) in an attempt to promote the plane the government is buying (leftover Australian F-18s).

While both planes are based on the F-18 design, the Super Hornets are more modern and more advanced, having been upgraded heavily by Boeing.

But since the Trudeau government ceded our defence policy to Bombardier’s corporate interests, they decided not to get the Boeing-made plane, and are instead buying leftover Australian F-18s that will require lots of upgrade spending and are almost as old as the planes they are replacing.

Apparently, nobody told that to the government social media managers running the Canadian Forces account, as they posted the following photo:


A link to the post can be found here.

In a statement on Facebook, the account said “In our haste to communicate about the plan to acquire ‎F-18s from our Australian allies, we incorrectly posted this photo of Super Hornets. To keep and enable your conversations, the decision was made to leave the post active. We apologize for the error and any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Purchase is a horrible idea

It’s no wonder that the government isn’t keen on using reality to promote the purchase of Australia’s leftovers. The planes are barely (if any) better than what we have now, and will still need much more money spent just to get them in minimally acceptable shape.

Even worse, it shows continued disrespect for the men and women who defend our nation, as their need for new fighter jets is being ignored and they’re being “equipped” on the cheap.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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Dave Bainard

It could be worse. I wouldn’t put it past Jr to have some ‘quiet’ talks with his pay-to-play Chinese friends to get a steal of a deal on some fighter jets out of China. Then make some grand announcement in the House if Commons much the way he imposed carbon taxes.


calling him Jr is too respectful

C J Beverly

The incopetence of all levels of government is reaching epic levels, from Minister’s to Prime Minister’s to Party Leaders who campaign in the wrong riding. If it was a TV series it would be hilarious but it’s the new Canadian reality ……..MERRY CHRISTMAS CANADAA


As Jihadi Justin Trudeau removed planes from fighting ISIS why I am not surprise that giving our RCAF lousy planes tells us the story where he stands. Why have expensive planes lying around when he has no intentions of using.


Probably Spencer to the above answer is this:

Please read this Spencer please.

SUBMISSION: The Danger of Political Islam to Canada: (With a Warning to America) Kindle Edition

by Thomas Quiggin

Here’s just a line from his (writer/s) warning:
The last chapter, A Warning to America, will also examine how Prime Minister Trudeau is endangering both the USA and Canada with his submission to the Islamist cause.


If that happens, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised, expect to hear that Trudeau would donate our military bases to China so they could park their planes. Shortly thereafter we would see 100,000 Chinese ” aircraft technicians” imported to service the planes. We could also reasonably expect that he would pay twice the price just for another donation to the Justin Trudeau Family Benefit Fund. No statement would be made regarding the sudden increase in his Chinese Bank account balance.