Jason Kenney Wins Calgary-Lougheed In Landslide

Kenney won over 70% of the vote, while the NDP was way back under 17%.

Jason Kenney has won the Calgary-Lougheed by-election in a landslide, beating his closest opponent by over 50% points.

Unofficial results show Kenney with 71.51%, NDP candidate Phillip Van Der Merwe with 16.79%, and everyone else below 10%.

For comparison, the NDP candidate won 32% of the vote in Calgary-Lougheed in the 2015 General Election, showing how far their popularity has fallen.

The landslide win gives the UCP more momentum, and secures Kenney’s place in the Alberta Legislature, giving him a daily platform to criticize the extremely unpopular Notley NDP government.

The win caps a remarkable run for Kenney, who gave up his seat in Parliament to first run for leader of the PC Party, then helped merge the parties, and then won the leadership of the newly unified conservatives.

With Alberta’s debt and deficits rising rapidly, and the carbon tax taking more money out of people’s pockets every year, all the polls show Albertans are planning to reject the NDP and put the United Conservative Party into office.

The desperation of the Alberta NDP can be seen in their flailing attempts to push Social Justice Warrior themes, most of which are seen as cynical moves to distract from their widespread lack of support.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter