Kent Hehr Must Be Removed From The Federal Cabinet

By keeping Kent Hehr as a Minister, Trudeau shows he has no standards for cabinet ministers.

Justin Trudeau has set incredibly low standards for cabinet ministers.

From Bill Morneau’s ethics issues, to Maryam Monsef’s immigration document problems, and many others, Trudeau has shown that he is willing to put up with a lot – meaning Canadians are deprived of effective cabinet ministers.

Nowhere is that seen more than in Kent Hehr, who is somehow still in the federal cabinet despite showing contempt for those he is supposed to serve.

It started with Veterans who felt Hehr and his office were arrogantly dismissive of their concerns, and even tried to silence their comments on his performance (or lack thereof). Then, thalidomide survivors said they were mocked by Hehr, even saying that he told them their shorter lifespans could be good for the government (which Hehr denies saying).

Now, Hehr is facing even more criticism for his treatment of the Canadians he is supposed to be working for.

As noted in a recent report,“Nova Scotia activist Kim Davis says that while Hehr was the veterans affairs minister, she and her husband Blair Davis met with him to discuss the challenges they were facing.”

Davis brought up the issue of having benefits that help the families of deceased soldiers pay for their kids education extended to the families of injured Veterans. This makes perfect sense, since families can suffer a serious loss of income when a Veteran is wounded. And since those injuries happened in service to the country, Canada has a duty and obligation to help that family.

But instead of recognizing that fundamental truth, Davis says Hehr instead said “There’s lots of kids out there that don’t get [a] paid education, why should yours?” Hehr also reportedly added, “Lots of kids out there don’t have an education they figure it out.'”


But it got even worse.

Davis says she asked Hehr how she could afford to take care of her family and husband, and Hehr said “You married him. It’s your responsibility.”

Davis was clear that Hehr should be removed from his role as minister of sport and persons with disabilities, saying the following:

“They should remove him from being a minister. He has no empathy for anybody he was put in place to try and protect and advocate for. He doesn’t seem to care.”

Davis is 100% correct. Hehr must go.

Trudeau can’t keep his story straight on Hehr’s comments

The Trudeau government clearly doesn’t have a handle on what’s happening.

Hehr denied the comments, then Trudeau said Hehr had apologized.

So which is it?

By leaving Hehr in his position, Trudeau shows that he tacitly accepts Hehr’s comments, and is okay with him mistreating Canadians.

As the Prime Minister, Trudeau is not responsible for the moment-to-moment actions of each cabinet minister – since he can’t control everything they do – but he is responsible for his reaction to their actions and what he does next.

The clear decision in this case is to remove Hehr from cabinet immediately.

The longer Hehr remains a minister, the clearer it becomes that Trudeau shares Hehr’s contempt towards Canadians in need.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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D. Jerome Hauk

I agree, but it won’t happen- his cv checks to many of the pc boxes and “boor” is not one of them.

Alan Burley

trudeau thinks he can do no wrong, and his arrogance is doing him in. Mr Scheer has to start really putting the screws to this Arrogant Pompous Ass. Now! Get the Real Taxpayers all on board, trudeau has the new voters bundled up.


Once a liberal is remove another has to follow or else they may speak out against each other or for that matter against Justin trudeau who has forced them to vote against their will. So, to avoid a big drama that will hurt Justin in the next election, Justin has no choice but keep them in cabinet for his ( Justin’s) own protection. Justin entire party can do what ever they want and he has no will over them anymore. The battle amongst the liberal mps will so huge for Justin to control that he like I said before-he has… Read more »

c j Beverly

The Quality of the Liberal Cabinet is Questionable at best and how do you get rid of incompetence. Hehr could play the Handicap card, the Minister of Stolen Honour cause he is Sihk. Morneau cause he is rich, and lets not forget Climate Barbie cause she is…….. Nuff said on that one but they all have one attribute Trudeau likes, they are even less suited for there jobs than Trudeau is.


Of course Trudeau does nothing. Hehr has simply lowered himself to what is left of the PM’s standards which simply means they are equals. Tough to go much lower than that.