Australia Increasingly Worried About China’s Influence

Canada should learn from what’s happening in Australia, but Trudeau and the elites seem intent on letting China gain more and more power.

Relations between Australia and China are fraying, as Australia grows increasingly worried about China’s influence.

As reported by CNBC, “Last week a prominent Australian lawmaker was forced out amid accusations about his involvement with Beijing, and, earlier this week, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull cited “disturbing reports about Chinese influence” while announcing proposals to clamp down on foreign meddling in domestic politics.”

Said Turnbull, “Foreign powers are making unprecedented and increasingly sophisticated attempts to influence the political process.”

As a response, he wants to ban donations from overseas. While foreign donations to federal political parties are banned in Canada, millions in foreign money has gone to organizations that participate in political advocacy campaigns.

China says they have no intention to influence politics in Australia, but numerous reports in the country have shown the opposite.

The politician who was forced to step down was Sam Dastyari, who opposed his party’s political position and instead supported China’s view in the South China Sea disputes.

Additionally, “Dastyari is also reported to have tipped off Chinese businessman and political donor Huang Xiangmo that Australian intelligence authorities were likely monitoring his phone.”

Despite the changes introduced by Turnbull, there are concerns they don’t go far enough:

“Andrew Shearer, who served as a national security advisor under former Australian Prime Ministers Tony Abbot and John Howard, told CNBC via e-mail that he had “become increasingly concerned over the past decade” about the Chinese government building leverage over Australian domestic politics.”

Schearer says foreign powers could get around the changes by “targeting Australian citizens rather than foreign nationals.”

Canada must learn from the experience of Australia and protect our nation from influence by China

Australia has a free-trade deal with China, and they have opened themselves up to China in a big way. Now, they are facing the serious consequences, as concerns over China’s influence and domination continue to escalate.

Canada must learn from what’s happening in Australia, and crack down on politicians who seem to have divided loyalties between Canada and China. We must also increase restrictions on foreign ownership, and totally reject any idea of a “trade deal” between Canada and China.

Unfortunately, Trudeau seems intent on repeating all of Australia’s errors, while failing to learn from their mistakes.

Spencer Fernando

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Del Rokosh

Canadian Senators complained about this exact thing. Soros funds Tides Canada which funds Dogwood Initiative. Do some searching and you discover that even though both Tides and Dogwood claim to be in love with bears and orcas and trees, their prime purpose is to shut down or interfere with Canadian resource development. Dig a little deeper and you will discover Dogwood bragged about how they influenced campaigns and voters in a shocking number of constituencies in the last election. They and NCCM can see that Trudeau is naive, easily influenced and controlled and is setting Canada up for failure. If… Read more »