REPORT: Prominent Liberal Donor Ran China Immigration Fraud Scheme

New York Times says prominent Liberal donor Paul Se Hui Oei used photos of himself standing with Justin Trudeau in order to boost his perceived influence.

As reported by the NY Times, “In a case that highlights Canada’s struggle to quash financial crime, a prominent immigration consultant and political donor in Vancouver’s wealthy Chinese community has been found to have committed fraud, the British Columbia Securities Commission announced on Wednesday.”

Oei reportedly used his political connections to get more investment:

“Bragging of his ties to prominent Canadian politicians and his financial success, Mr. Oei leveraged his connections in the Chinese community to raise money for a recycling start-up. But Mr. Oei secretly transferred part of the money, more than 5 million Canadian dollars, that investors had intended to fund the project into companies under his control, and he issued shares with no assets to the investors, the panel found.”

The report notes the serious problem B.C. has with financial crime – particularly money laundering at casinos. It’s so bad that the Attorney General of B.C. says it’s known as the “Vancouver Model,” which is quite disturbing.

Notably, “Yicheng Jiang, 53, a businessman from China’s coastal Zhejiang province, said in a phone interview that during several visits to Vancouver, Oei drove him and other Chinese investors around in a BMW, hosted lavish meals and showed off photos of himself with Canadian politicians.”

One of those photos was of Oei hugging Justin Trudeau. “It was like, ‘Look at my relationship with the prime minister. We are like buddies,’” Jiang recalled.”

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Donations to the Liberals

The NY Times report states “Oei and his wife have been active in B.C. political fundraising circles and have donated $8,477 to the federal Liberals since 2014. In July, 2015 Oei’s company Organic Eco-Centre Corp sponsored a pre-election luncheon in Richmond featuring then Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.”

Oei also donated to the B.C. Liberals. Interestingly, while the B.C. Liberals have pledged to give back all the money if Oei’s alleged actions are proven, the Trudeau Liberals have not made the same commitment.

Of course, as is usually the case with the elites, Oei may not get in much trouble – despite falsely claiming that his alleged scheme was approved by the B.C. government, and telling investors they would be able to immigrate to Canada – which also proved to be false.

While the Commission will likely impose penalties, “an investigation last month by The Vancouver Sun that showed the commission had collected less than 2 percent of $398 million in financial penalties over the past decade…”

Canadian immigration system opens the country to financial crime

The report points out “According to experts, Oei’s case is part of a pattern of problems with Canada’s immigration programs, which, like the United States, set aside coveted residency permits for foreign investors. Some also say it underscores a troubling flaw in the Canadian justice system, which often allows white-collar criminals to walk away with little more than a slap on the wrist.”

This is no surprise to most Canadians, as it is becoming more and more obvious that our corrupt system is totally rigged in favour of the elites – even when those elites aren’t Canadian citizens.

The rules must be changed to favour Canadian citizens

Vancouver is increasingly unaffordable for middle-class and working-class Canadian citizens, because the government has allowed non-citizens to buy up much of the city. Even worse, foreign elites then begin to influence the political process, which pushes politicians to open things up even more – creating a feedback loop that continues expanding policies that have turned an entire Canadian city into a place that is no longer affordable for most Canadians.

Other jurisdictions have taken a tough stance against this development, with New Zealand banning foreign home-ownership.

Canada must do the same, and also eliminate provisions for wealthy foreign investors. Canada should welcome people based upon skill and ability to contribute to our country in the long-term, not an ability to just buy up a bunch of housing and push Canadians out of the market.

It will require courage for politicians to speak out against the influence of foreign wealth in our nation, but if those in power don’t find that courage, our country will be lost bit by bit, and “Canada” will no longer have any real meaning.

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