REPORT: Trudeau Disagrees With Public Safety Minister Goodale, Thinks Returning ISIS Fighters Can Be “De-Radicalized”

The Public Safety Minister says possibility of de-radicalizing ISIS fighters is “remote,” yet Trudeau seems to disagree.

When Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale was asked whether he believes returning ISIS fighters can be “re-integrated,” his response was that it was a “pretty remote” possibility.

Considering that Ralph Goodale is in charge of public safety – and is one of the few cabinet ministers with real experience – you would think that Justin Trudeau would trust his judgement.


In a year end interview with CTV, Trudeau said the following:

“There’s a range of experiences when people come home. We know that actually someone who has engaged and turned away from that hateful ideology can be an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization in future generations and younger people within the community.”

He just doesn’t get it.

It’s not just the issue of danger to Canadians – which is a real problem.

It’s also about right and wrong, and it’s dead wrong to do anything other than jail, deport, or eliminate ISIS fighters.

The fact that Trudeau either doesn’t understand that fundamental truth, or doesn’t care, is incredibly disturbing. And even worse, he has people in his own government in charge of public safety who disagree with him, and he won’t even listen to them.

At this point, Canadians can’t have any faith that our government is doing what’s necessary to keep our country safe.

Spencer Fernando

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