REPORT: Trudeau Disagrees With Public Safety Minister Goodale, Thinks Returning ISIS Fighters Can Be “De-Radicalized”

The Public Safety Minister says possibility of de-radicalizing ISIS fighters is “remote,” yet Trudeau seems to disagree.

When Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale was asked whether he believes returning ISIS fighters can be “re-integrated,” his response was that it was a “pretty remote” possibility.

Considering that Ralph Goodale is in charge of public safety – and is one of the few cabinet ministers with real experience – you would think that Justin Trudeau would trust his judgement.


In a year end interview with CTV, Trudeau said the following:

“There’s a range of experiences when people come home. We know that actually someone who has engaged and turned away from that hateful ideology can be an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization in future generations and younger people within the community.”

He just doesn’t get it.

It’s not just the issue of danger to Canadians – which is a real problem.

It’s also about right and wrong, and it’s dead wrong to do anything other than jail, deport, or eliminate ISIS fighters.

The fact that Trudeau either doesn’t understand that fundamental truth, or doesn’t care, is incredibly disturbing. And even worse, he has people in his own government in charge of public safety who disagree with him, and he won’t even listen to them.

At this point, Canadians can’t have any faith that our government is doing what’s necessary to keep our country safe.

Spencer Fernando

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Trudeau will do anything that hurts Canadians but our own military who fight for us just get kicked and get nothing, they have to fight their own government for Canadian rights.
We would be better off if they re-took our own un-Canadian government and we could have Canada under a Canadian government instead of foreign powers.

Alci B

Trudeau can not be trusted .
He isn’t qualified to be PM . He can not make an intelligent decision.
Canadians better wake up instead of wallowing in ignorance.

Ken Shabatura

Other countries are attempting to ban radicalized persons and our “intelligent” leader wants to import more. Does he not understand, that every time he makes, a potentially dangerous decision, he takes away, from us
benefits we pay for.

alan skelhorne

he just goes on and does what he wants, and, what he himself believes in. this is nothing new with the feminist in ottawa. he thinks he is king trudeau.


JIHADI JUSTIN IS A RADICAL and tends to destroys our civilization to suit his RADICAL FRIENDS which I must add Ralph Goodale endorsed without blinking an eyelid for our safety.


Of course he doesn’t care. His campaign promises stated he would be taking advice from professionals but unless that advice follows his thinking then he simply ignores it. Selling Canada to China and intentionally ignoring the requirements to investigate, pandering to Islam, refusing to provide intelligent answers in the Commons, violating rules for personal gifts such as helicopter flights, protecting Islamic terrorists, using Canada’s money as if it is his personal slush fund. He is so incredibly naive that he presumes just because he thinks something can happen that it will. 25,000 Muslim migrants in 3 months comes to mind.… Read more »


.Mr Goodall, stick to your guns, we support you 100%. These ISIS fighters committed a crime to the Canadian people . If they had killed in Canada they would be jailed. ISIS fighters committed a crime against Canada .


Finally, bravo Goodale, it’s taken you 2 years to stand up to the little creep! What the hell took you so long.
The creatures should not be allowed back into Western civilization, they will carry on the destruction they were involved in in the middle east!


This is Trudeau working with feelz rather than facts. He’s living a pipe dream – hookah dream, more accurately – that because he wishes something should be so, as PM he has the power to make it so. The reality of deradicalization programs is their dismal success rate even for those who never made it to join ISIS. What are the odds for those who not only carry a visceral hatred for the infidel, but have actually dipped their hands in blood through rape, torture and murder? Trudeau never cites any factual evidence of successful programs because there simply aren’t… Read more »


Mr. Trudeau. You keep proving to everybody that your shoe size is larger than your IQ. My suggestion to you is the book yourself into a mental institute and lock yourself up for the rest of your life so you can no longer endanger anybody. You are a disgrace to the Canadian Nation. Please consider my suggestions

Gaston Dufour

Le Quotiens intéllectuel n’ est pas fort. Pour faire entré des combattants de l’ÉI au Canada et essayer de les convertir faut être fou a lierDes meutriers qui ont COMBATTUS nos soldats et apres on leur offrent l’hospitalité, Trudeau devrait être enfermé a double tour dans un centre psychiatrique. Il aurait du faire un séjours en Iraq quand l’ÉI tuaient , pendait, et brûlaient vif des gens en cage , décapitaient des gens sur la place publique, violaient les femmes quand ils entraient dans une ville, tuaient leurs maris et lapidaient surtout des femmes pour une niaiserie. Apres avoir visionné… Read more »

Don Taylor

I f even one Canadian is harmed by one of these Isis fighters,Turdeau better start looking for another country.
Who in their right mind would allow this to happen and the Canadian taxpayer has to pay for this.
And We also pay this lame brained PM $340,000.00 plus plus ,plus all the other benefits while Canadian people are still having to go to the foodbanks

Terry Yaggey

This is very related.
Please consider signing on.

Bill Kiene

I have no respect for any Canadians for letter this go on……..

Alan Burley

Naturally trudeau disagrees. He is more intelligent then Everyone ,don’t you know.

don morris

Justin’s naivety is sometimes astonishing to behold. Goodale was going going by the statements of various European experts who have witnessed how well former jihadis re-assimilate,iow, not very well at all. Trudeau’s major backers in the Muslim community are all affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization the USA considers a terrorist recruiting and money gathering organization for terrorists world wide. Trudeau’s faith in rehab makes me wonder if the MB has not guaranteed they will keep a lid on the activities of the lads returning home from overseas where they fought the good fight on behalf of Islam. The… Read more »

Rick Bourget

I always hated Rene Leveck for trying to break up Canada. Now I understand he was saving Quebec from loosing it’s identity and culture. To him it was special. He was escaping what Trudumb is doing to Canada now. He was in fact a visionary something we are lacking with Trudumb. God help Canada.

Brian Richard Allen

Of course the never-managed-even-a-seven-11, mindless psychopath the Soros fascist Left convinced (as Obama, in America, before him) to aim for Canada’s top TITLE – (there is no “job” involved) – feels that psychopathic hesperophobia’s a career choice.

Brian Richard Allen


I worder how many jihadI crimes hAve been hushed up.