Diversity Of Thought Unwanted: Trudeau Liberals To End Canada Summer Jobs Funding For Pro-Life Groups

Apparently Trudeau’s “diversity is strength” mantra doesn’t extend to a diverse range of opinions.

Canada is a country with a wide range of opinions.

Good people often disagree on fundamental issues, including the issue of abortion.

Part of respecting that diversity of thought is ensuring that government programs provide support to groups that are doing good work, even when the views of that core group may not line up perfectly with the government of the day.

Unfortunately, that’s not how the Trudeau government sees it.

While the Conservatives provided Canada Summer Jobs funding to groups that reflected Canada’s ideological diversity – including pro-life and pro-choice groups – the Trudeau Liberals are instead imposing their specific worldview, while shutting out others.

As reported by Global News, the Trudeau Liberals are going to block all Canada Summer Jobs funding to pro-life organizations.

“The change comes after a series of articles about Liberal and Conservative MPs approving tens of thousands of dollars in summer job grants to anti-abortion groups in their ridings during the 2016 program, despite the money being made available by a government that prominently branded itself as pro-choice.”

Keep in mind, the Canada Summer Jobs program is not supposed to be political. It is supposed to work in a decentralized manner that lets MPs target money to their ridings in a way that fits with the specific character of the community.

In some communities, there are groups doing great work and providing jobs for young Canadians, and those groups have a pro-life viewpoint.

Now, those groups won’t be able to provide opportunities for young Canadians, because Trudeau is blocking their funding.

It’s a despicable move, and the Trudeau government is using their power to punish those who deviate from their worldview.

After all, pro-life Canadians deserve representation just as much as pro-choice Canadians.

Clearly, Trudeau’s “diversity is strength” mantra doesn’t apply when it comes to Canada’s diversity of thought.

Spencer Fernando

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Is it even legal for the government to discriminate on the basis of belief? This situation is ripe for a Charter of Rights challenge.


Try this angle – Could Pro-life partially support Pro-choice if there was the related vasectomy being done on an adjoining table to the abortion? After all, it generally takes one of each gender to create a pregnancy. At last it was that way when I was younger.

Scott Smith

but now there are 75 different Genders…..


He is acting more and more like his communist dictator heroes every day.

Bruce Meyers

Trudeau’s version of diversity is a joke; total hypocrisy. Then again he is a joke (a bad one) and a hypocrite of epic scale, so why would we expect sincerity from him when he speaks of diversity…or anything else. Canadians must take him down at the next election.

Max C

Found a couple of good posts I like to share with Spencer Fernando.
This one is the snowflake:

This one is Happy new year Liberal’as way.


Diversity is strength ………only when it suits his agenda ….