Economist Magazine Warns Of China’s Efforts To “Muzzle Criticism” Around The World

The Economist is generally a pro-globalist magazine, so the fact that even they are warning about China’s attempts to manipulate other countries – including Canada – speaks volumes.

Seemingly every government in the world is growing more concerned about China’s increasingly aggressive attempts to manipulate public opinion throughout the world.

Every government except the Trudeau government of course.

Those concerns are even spreading into magazines that usually spread the message of the establishment elites.

For example, the globalist-minded Economist has an issue focused on the rise of China’s “sharp power,” noting the Communist State’s effort to suppress criticism and exert influence over other nations.

Here are a few key excerpts:

“In September the Financial Times reported that a New Zealand MP had taught at a Chinese spy college for years but had left that information off his CV when he later applied for citizenship. That prompted growing calls for more scrutiny of China’s influence over the Chinese diaspora in New Zealand. Canada’s intelligence services have long been worried about infiltration: in 2010 they warned that several provincial cabinet ministers and government employees were “agents of influence”.”

“China seems to have been busy in Europe, too. Germany’s spy agency this week accused it of using social media to contact 10,000 German citizens, including lawmakers and civil servants, in the hope of “gleaning information and recruiting sources”. There have been reports of Chinese agents trying to groom up-and-coming politicians from Britain, especially those with business links to the country. And on December 13th America started to learn of possible intervention, when the Congressional Executive Commission on China began hearings to look into Chinese attempts to win political sway.”

This is being referred to as “Sharp Power,” and it encompasses the wide-range of efforts China is making to change opinion in other countries:

“Sharp power wraps all that up in something altogether more sinister. It seeks to penetrate and subvert politics, media and academia, surreptitiously promoting a positive image of the country, and misrepresenting and distorting information to suppress dissent and debate. China’s sharp power has three striking characteristics—it is pervasive, it breeds self-censorship and it is hard to nail down proof that it is the work of the Chinese state.”

These are serious concerns, and it’s disturbing that Canada is not only refusing to address this problem, but is actively seeking more influence from China.

It seems that the more aggressive China gets, the more the Trudeau government is willing to let China gain power over our country.

The Economist story also notes that “Chinese ownership of firms abroad may also be a threat,” another thing the Trudeau government is ignoring as they let China get take over one Canadian company after another – including national security companies.

Canada is being put in a very dangerous position, as a foreign power is gaining influence over our country, and the political elites rarely talk about it. With the establishment pushing desperately for a so-called “free trade” deal that would be devastating for Canadian workers and our national sovereignty, they will be fighting even harder to quash criticism of China – exactly as China wants.

That’s why Canadians must get the message out in every way possible, and build grassroots support to protect the independence of our country.

Read the full Economist story here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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