Trudeau To Increase Bureaucratic Restrictions On Canadian Gun Owners

The Harper government reduced bureaucratic restrictions and showed more respect for law-abiding Canadian gun owners. Now, the Trudeau Liberals are going in the opposite direction.

The Liberals have a consistent pattern of letting serious threats go unaddressed (“re-integrating” ISIS fighters instead of arresting them), while piling more and more restrictions on law-abiding Canadians.

We’ve seen it over and over with how the government treats Canadian gun owners, imposing one-size-fits-all regulations that don’t account for the different situations faced by rural and urban Canadians.

While the key cause of gun crime in Canada is gang violence in urban centres, the Liberals impose regulations that add to the burden on all gun owners, rather than addressing specific problems.

Unfortunately, it seems the Trudeau Liberals are planning to do it again.

As reported by the Hill Times, “The online tracker also says the government plans to introduce legislation on firearm safety in the “near future.”  The Liberals had promised during the 2015 election campaign to “take pragmatic action to make it harder for criminals to get, and use, handguns and assault weapons,” including repealing legal changes made by the previous Conservative government that allowed some weapons to be transferred without a permit, and requiring “enhanced” background checks for some firearms purchases.”

While that may all be worded nicely, it really means more government spending, and more government intrusion.

This is a reversal of one of the common-sense actions taken by the previous Conservative government, which was to recognize that adding bureaucracy on law-abiding gun owners does nothing to reduce crime caused by gangs who are already breaking the law.

Of course, the Liberals are taking this kind of action because it fits with the views of the elites (who usually live in wealthy urban areas with a police presence mere minutes away), who neither know, nor care about the impact it will have on Canadian gun owners across the country

Decentralization is the answer

The core problem here is centralized government, and an effort by elitist politicians to impose one set of rules in every circumstance, rather than empowering local communities.

It makes sense to have different rules on guns in urban centres than it does in rural areas, and each community should be given more freedom to decide their own policies. People should be able to vote in their own area on what type of rules work best for that community, instead of central government imposing one system everywhere.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau government is obsessed with centralization, and shows no signs of turning back.

Spencer Fernando

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