Trudeau To Increase Bureaucratic Restrictions On Canadian Gun Owners

The Harper government reduced bureaucratic restrictions and showed more respect for law-abiding Canadian gun owners. Now, the Trudeau Liberals are going in the opposite direction.

The Liberals have a consistent pattern of letting serious threats go unaddressed (“re-integrating” ISIS fighters instead of arresting them), while piling more and more restrictions on law-abiding Canadians.

We’ve seen it over and over with how the government treats Canadian gun owners, imposing one-size-fits-all regulations that don’t account for the different situations faced by rural and urban Canadians.

While the key cause of gun crime in Canada is gang violence in urban centres, the Liberals impose regulations that add to the burden on all gun owners, rather than addressing specific problems.

Unfortunately, it seems the Trudeau Liberals are planning to do it again.

As reported by the Hill Times, “The online tracker also says the government plans to introduce legislation on firearm safety in the “near future.”  The Liberals had promised during the 2015 election campaign to “take pragmatic action to make it harder for criminals to get, and use, handguns and assault weapons,” including repealing legal changes made by the previous Conservative government that allowed some weapons to be transferred without a permit, and requiring “enhanced” background checks for some firearms purchases.”

While that may all be worded nicely, it really means more government spending, and more government intrusion.

This is a reversal of one of the common-sense actions taken by the previous Conservative government, which was to recognize that adding bureaucracy on law-abiding gun owners does nothing to reduce crime caused by gangs who are already breaking the law.

Of course, the Liberals are taking this kind of action because it fits with the views of the elites (who usually live in wealthy urban areas with a police presence mere minutes away), who neither know, nor care about the impact it will have on Canadian gun owners across the country

Decentralization is the answer

The core problem here is centralized government, and an effort by elitist politicians to impose one set of rules in every circumstance, rather than empowering local communities.

It makes sense to have different rules on guns in urban centres than it does in rural areas, and each community should be given more freedom to decide their own policies. People should be able to vote in their own area on what type of rules work best for that community, instead of central government imposing one system everywhere.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau government is obsessed with centralization, and shows no signs of turning back.

Spencer Fernando

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I fundamentally disagree with your statement, “It makes sense to have different rules on guns in urban centres than it does in rural areas, and each community should be given more freedom to decide their own policies. People should be able to vote in their own area on what type of rules work best for that community, instead of central government imposing one system everywhere.”

Firearms are criminal law, and after SSC challenges remain a federal jurisdiction. Allowing municipalities to make their own additional regulations will make ownership of firearms (and whatever else strikes council’s fancy) is extremely unwise.


The point is they shouldn’t be criminal to posses. The illegal use of them, yes. Legal possession no. There is no reason a person cannot go hunting in rural areas with an AR15 and have a pistol in a holster while hunting. Not so much reason to be in open carry possession in an urban environment.

Jean Pierre LaRocque

Right on !!!!

Clive Edwards

Firearms regulations may be framed as criminal law but the reality is that this should not be so. There are already laws against murder, assault and threats of murder and assault; possession of firearms and the transfer of firearms need not be regulated and indeed should not be between consenting adults. The concepts of “thought crime” and “pre-crime” have no validity in a free society. The more government tries to undermine the free moral will of the citizens, the more government becomes unworthy of respect. Of course the global agenda cannot be accomplished if the world’s citizens are armed. Just… Read more »

John Prevost

Time to Brass up Canadians




Here comes Santa Claus.


Christmas this year is going to be practical and a lot of Cabela’s / Bass Pro. Just being a little prudent regarding the Liberal welcoming parade for ISIS. Constant threats of death and killing from the mosques are disturbing, particularly when the Liberals don’t do a damn thing. My MP doesn’t even respond.

Major Tom

Isn’t it interesting how those with armed police bodyguards or in the salary bracket to be able to afford private security and state of the art alarm systems are the very ones who seek to disarm and criminalize the very law abiding citizens they were elected to serve……

I envy the USA where gun laws are localized to the state level.


Totally agree Major….Well said Easy for people like Justin to say when he and is family are protected by an armed force funded with our tax dollars and we deal with dismal police presence and response times…If legal I have pistol strapped to my hip 24/7


STAY ARMED MY FARMER FRIENDS. you are your only protection. (farmers in Sask. are generally at least 20 min from any police officer and usual response time is 30-60 min.)


When we lived on the farm we had guns we needed them, when we moved away to the city (since regular farming is dead, it is all industrial with mistreated animals 1000’s of acres or you cannot afford farming) for paying work. We gave our guns to other licensed gun owners feeling we did not need them. Now we feel we need them as we do not feel safe in the city, with what is happening, Although we have never done anything criminal, we feel we need protection with the gutting of Canadian laws for particular groups of people some… Read more »


Hi Spencer. I have a strange feeling that the Minister Of Public Safety has a residue of humanity left inside of him and will resist urges from the Prime Minister to use him like a finger puppet. He is a tenured Minister and remembers what happened to the Liberals the last time they pursued a handgun ban. They almost lost official party status after that election. I wouldn’t be surprised if Goodale tendered his resignation if pressed by the PM to effect ridiculous gun control measures. It can be difficult to forecast these things but I suspect he might take… Read more »


Don’t hold your breath.


I disagree with decentralizing Canada’s Firearm Laws. The Federal Government has a role here. Without the Feds calling the shots we would see widespread prohibitions from municipal governments much what happens in the USA at the county level.