WATCH: The Rich Pay Less Taxes, Middle Class Pays More, While Millionaire Trudeau Gets Taxpayer Funded Nannies

When we look beyond the rhetoric, it is obvious that the Trudeau government serves the wealthy elites, at the expense of middle class and working-class Canadians.

Most government legislation is filled with hundreds and hundreds of pages of obscure text. Even when passed, it gets implemented “interpreted”, and manipulated by a massive and opaque bureaucracy, not to mention the Ministers running departments.

As a result, the consequences of legislation are often entirely different – and often 100% opposed – to the stated intent of that legislation.

That’s the case with the Trudeau government tax policy.

They campaigned on cutting taxes for the middle class and raising taxes on the rich.

It was certainly a clever campaign, and it won them a lot of votes.

But it didn’t happen.

Despite legislation that they claimed would accomplish their “promise,” it turns out that – according to the government Finance Department – the rich are paying a combined $1 billion less in taxes under Trudeau, while over 8 out of 10 middle class families are paying more taxes.

Amazingly, that analysis doesn’t even include the ever-rising cost of the carbon tax – which adds to the burden on families by raising the cost of living – even as Canadian households have the highest debt in the world, nor does it include the elites using offshore tax havens.

So, the real numbers are probably even worse.

And yet, even as Canadian families struggle, Justin Trudeau – a millionaire – makes taxpayers pay for nanny services, when he could easily set a good example and pay for it all himself.

Watch the video below where Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre brings this hypocrisy up in Question Period, and notice how Trudeau tries to discredit the source of the statistics, not even realizing the source is his own government.

The facts are clear: There can be no doubt that the Canadian middle class and working class has been deceived and betrayed by the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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