Jagmeet Singh Not Focused On Balancing Budget

During interview, Singh says “I don’t have a firm line on balanced budgets.”

Echoing Justin Trudeau, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh isn’t showing much interest in balancing the budget.

In an interview with Global News, Singh said, “In difficult economic times, I’m firmly opposed to austerity,” adding “I don’t have a firm line on balanced budgets. I believe that if we are able to, obviously we need to ensure that we have a robust budget that’s balanced, but there’s no way I would ever accept austerity.”

However, the problem with Singh equating balanced budgets with austerity is that running massive deficits causes more and more government spending to be eaten up by debt payments – which ends up leading to even more austerity down the road.

Singh did make one good point in the interview, criticizing the Trudeau government for failing to crack down on offshore tax havens – which costs Canada up to $15 billion per year.

Unfortunately, Singh’s overall plan seems to be to continue Justin Trudeau’s increases to the debt and deficits – except he wants to spend even more than Trudeau is.

Rather than get government spending under control – by reducing the bloated bureaucracy and focusing on core priorities – Singh is promising even more big government and centralization, which will weaken the independence of individuals, families, and local governments.

That’s the last thing Canada needs right now.

Spencer Fernando

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