REPORT: Trump To Formally Accuse China Of “Economic Aggression”

Move will reportedly shift U.S. towards treating China as more of an adversary on the world stage.

U.S. President Donald Trump is planning to unveil a tougher approach to China, including formally accusing China of “economic aggression.”

As noted by Axios, “One person familiar with the strategy says it is “likely to define China as a competitor in every realm. Not just a competitor but a threat, and therefore, in the view of many in this administration, an adversary.”‘

During his campaign, Trump addressed the concerns of many working class Americans who had watched factories and prosperity get leeched away – with much of that productive capacity going to China.

This led to the brutal hollowing out of America’s industrial heartland, something that has also happened in parts of Canada.

So far, the Trump administration has done little to address this problem, so the shift towards formally labeling China as an economic aggressor could be a precursor to increased tariffs and other measures to push back against China.

It also comes at a time when China is increasingly silencing opposition and dissent worldwide as they seek to manipulate public opinion and co-opt elected officials in much of the western world.

The fact that the U.S. is planning to push back shows that there are still some nations with the willpower to fight China’s efforts.

That said, what matters most will be concrete measures, not just words.

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Spencer Fernando