SHAMEFUL: Number Of Canadian Veterans Waiting For Word About Disability Benefits Surges Nearly 50%

Once again, the government lets down those who protected our country.

Despite the Trudeau government throwing around massive amounts of taxpayer money and running huge deficits, there isn’t even close to enough support for Canada’s Veterans.

Now, it’s being reported that the backlog of Veterans waiting to find out if they qualify for disability benefits has surged.

According to CTV, “Veterans Affairs Canada says there were about 29,000 applications for disability benefits in the queue waiting to be processed at the end of November — a nearly 50 per cent increase since the end of March. Nearly one-third of those applications have been in the line for more than 16 weeks, which is also an increase since the spring and a sign that wait times are continuing to grow.”

This means many Veterans are being thrown into a period of chaos, as they wait to find out whether they will get the help they need.

Scott Maxwell – the Executive Director of Wounded Warriors Canada – made the following observation regarding the wait times and the uncertainty:

“It’s so important for people in transitioning to civilian life and can impact a whole bunch of factors, including the ability to pay your bills. In some cases, it can mean the difference between being a homeless veteran and not.”

This situation is incredibly shameful, as it seems Canada’s Veterans get let down by the government over and over and over again.

It’s time for the government to stop wasting time, and massively increase spending on the services Veterans need, and stop fighting them in court.

Even if it takes $5 billion more per year, the government should spend it. Our Veterans deserve the best, and it’s long past time that they receive it.

Spencer Fernando