COMMON-SENSE: Wilfrid Laurier University Report Concludes Lindsay Shepherd Did Nothing Wrong

Report comes to the only reasonable conclusion possible: “There was no wrongdoing on the part of Ms. Shepherd in showing the clip from TVO in her tutorial.”

Deborah MacLatchy – President and Vice-Chancellor of Wilfrid Laurier University – has a released a statement responding to a report into the insane treatment of Lindsay Shepherd, the Teaching Assistant who was hauled before a disturbingly Soviet-style tribunal by some crazy professors.

The incident received widespread attention, bringing a spotlight to how far-left totalitarians are increasingly gaining control of universities to push an extreme agenda.

After an investigation into the incident, the subsequent report has totally vindicated Shepherd. Key sections of the report are below:

“There were numerous errors in judgement made in the handling of the meeting with Ms. Lindsay Shepherd, the TA of the tutorial in question. In fact, the meeting never should have happened at all. No formal complaint, nor informal concern relative to a Laurier policy, was registered about the screening of the video. This was confirmed in the fact-finding report.”

“There was no wrongdoing on the part of Ms. Shepherd in showing the clip from TVO in her tutorial. Showing a TVO clip for the purposes of an academic discussion is a reasonable classroom teaching tool. Any instructional material needs to be grounded in the appropriate academic underpinnings to put it in context for the relevance of the learning outcomes of the course. The ensuing discussion also needs to be handled properly. We have no reason to believe this discussion was not handled well in the tutorial in question.”

“I have apologized to Ms. Shepherd publicly, as has Dr. Rambukkana, her supervising professor. The university has conveyed to her today the results of the fact-finding report, to make sure she understands it is clear that she was involved in no wrongdoing. The university is taking concrete steps to make changes to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

“It has been made clear to those who were involved in the meeting with Ms. Shepherd that their conduct does not meet the high standards I set for staff and faculty.”

This report confirms what all common-sense people already know: Showing a video clip never should have been an issue and should have gone without even a mention.

The fact that we even need to talk about this shows how far some universities have fallen.

Of course, MacLatchy’s statement had to include the usual virtue-signalling, such as “I remain concerned by the way faculty, staff and students involved in aspects of this situation were targeted with such vitriol. Members of the university community must be supported to work and study in an environment free of discrimination and harassment and they have my commitment we will continue to make this a university priority.”

That’s to be expected from someone running a university, but it doesn’t’ take away from the fact that the report vindicates Shepherd, and vindicates basic common-sense – something sorely missing from many universities today.

Unfortunately, despite this incident having a decent ending, the same thing is going on at universities across Canada, as a radical far-left ideology is attempting to wipe out anything that challenges their viewpoint, and seeks to eliminate freedom of speech.

We must all remain vigilant to protect free speech and free expression.

Spencer Fernando

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