DELUSIONAL: Trudeau Sparks Outrage For Saying Returning ISIS Fighters Could Be “An Extraordinarily Powerful Voice”

Trudeau’s appalling remarks in year-end-interview show that he’s taking a shockingly naive approach to people who fought for one of the most brutal terrorist organizations the world has ever seen.

As parts of Justin Trudeau’s year-end-interview with CTV News have been released, he is facing growing criticism for his approach to the threat of returning ISIS fighters.

This section in particular has raised concerns:

“The prime minister also expressed his personal belief that former ISIS fighters can be de-radicalized in the event that they return to Canada. In a recent interview on CTV’s Question Period, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said he believed the likelihood of reintegrating former ISIS fighters is “pretty remote.

However, rather than support Goodale’s common-sense view, Trudeau said, “There’s a range of experiences when people come home. We know that actually someone who has engaged and turned away from that hateful ideology can be an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization in future generations and younger people within the community.”‘

Of course, Trudeau is making a massive assumption that these ISIS fighters will “turn away,” and when he says “engaging,” he’s breezing over the horrific acts and crimes committed by that brutal group.

Also, part of that “range of experiences,” has been terrorist attacks, something Trudeau doesn’t even deem worth mentioning.

Many Canadians are reacting negatively to Trudeau’s comments, including Senator Denise Batters:

There are countless more comments like the one above, showing the deep outrage felt by many Canadians over Trudeau’s terrible remarks.

It is absolutely insane that Trudeau insists on treating returning ISIS fighters like people who got involved in petty crime and then reformed themselves. We aren’t talking about small-time crooks here. This is about people who willingly left Canada’s borders to enter a warzone and join an organization that enslaved women, beheaded, tortured people, and drowned people in cages, executed religious minorities and lgbt people, and oversaw a horrific reign of terror across parts of Iraq and Syria.

Not only that, but ISIS has also threatened Canadians and taken the lives of innocent people across the world as they seek to spread their hateful Islamist ideology and butcher innocent people.

This is an absurd situation, and it is incredibly dangerous that Trudeau’s focus seems to be on the off chance that these ISIS fighters will “reform” – which Canada’s own Public Safety Minister deems unlikely. After all, if they don’t reform, Canadians are being put at serious risk.

The real solution is common-sense: Jail or deport them.

If Trudeau is so delusional that he doesn’t get that, he has no businesses serving as Prime Minister.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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